Episode #5 – Number Five is alive!

On the episode, RDT and Loren have a quick chat about The Oscars then dive head first into a huge week in pop culture news, covering:

  • New Ghostbusters trailer
  • Sarah Shahi will be the new Nancy Drew in “Drew” a pilot for CBS
  • NCIS renewed for seasons 14 AND 15
  • Gambit pulled from the release schedule completely
  • The Power Rangers reboot kicked off production
  • Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey confirmed for The Dark Tower
  • The DC hero appearing in Powerless is apparently Crimson Fox.
  • JK Simmons wanted by fans (and maybe himself) to return as J. Jonah Jameson in the new Sony/MCU Spider-Man reboot
  • Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple to be a Live Action Movie
  • It’s official, no Reese for Cruel Intentions tv show
  • Fuller House renewed for season 2
  • Big Hero 6 animated series coming to Disney XD
  • Agent Carter closes out its 2nd (final?) season with series lows
  • Agents of SHIELD renewed for season 4
  • Gotham introduces yet another Joker-esque character
  • Hasselhoff confirmed for at least a cameo in the Baywatch reboot
  • The Force Awakens hits DVD/BluRay April 5th and Digital HD April 1st
  • Lethal Weapon casting news
  • CBS taps Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod to EP Star Trek tv show
  • 23 Jumpstreet/Men in Black crossover happening
  • Bruce Willis starring in a Death Wish remake
  • Sony trying a Venom movie again
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt exits Sandman feature
  • Rick and Morty Season 3 confirmed
  • Zootopia set records with its $73mil box office weekend

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4 thoughts on “Episode #5 – Number Five is alive!

  1. Hey fellers, what about POWERS on Crackle? Developed by Brian Michael Bendis based on his comic.

    Now before you dismiss it because it’s on Crackle (Sony’s streaming service), it does have dude from District 9 and Eddie Izzard..and Ensign Ro looking mad fine.

    I’m watching it and liking it mostly. Sort of a cop drama a-la other cop dramas (me watch TV sometimes).

    Anyway, if not worth your viewership, then at least worth your analysis.

  2. Yes, yes, for the love of God, yes you SHOULD watch Twin Peaks. It is the direct precursor to the X-Files, Lost, and a million other amazing shows (which arguably disappointed their fans at the very end but were amazing rides up till that point) I would happily re-watch along with you and can offer you all of my theories and thoughts. The European “movie” version is great. “Fire Walk with Me” is, well, it’s something (be sure to watch both AFTER you get through the series thought) The owls are not what they seem! The ultimate villian in Twin Peaks is ultimately the person/thing I am most scared of in the world. For real.

    Re: January movies, I saw Dark Tower is slated for a January release and immediately wondered what that meant for it. But maybe January ISN’T just a dumping ground anymore, maybe studios are realizing if you release good movies, no matter when, people will see them.

    1. Ok, ok. I’ll watch Twin Peaks. Eventually.

      Re: the January dumping ground, Loren and I have been talking about covering that in an upcoming podcast. Could the summer movie season become a thing of the past?

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