Weekend Watch – 3/25/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


The Legal Proceeding of Batman v Superman: Re: DoJ

Loren: The absolute worst part about this is that we HAVE to see it. Our Weekend Watch is a movie that, as of this writing, is tracking at 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. You guys know how I feel about it, no need to rehash.

RDT: Sigh….

Rick: Even with all of its problems, I still have a soft spot for Man of Steel. I had enough faith in it to spend a month re-editing the movie to try and make it better. However, I’m not giving Warner Bros. any of my money for this or any future movies in this cycle of DC flicks. After reading a lot of early reviews and statements about the plans for the upcoming films, I’m even more comfortable with my decision.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Loren: Didn’t this already happen as a TV show? (Oh shit, it did. And it was awful! –RDT)

RDT: The first one was cute, but do we really need another Greek wedding?

Rick: Oh look! It’s another sequel no one was asking for! Ugh.

Get a Job

Loren: The problem I see with this movie is that it’s going to hit a little too close to home for the demographic it’s trying to appeal to.

RDT: Curious, mainly because….how does that cast make such a generic looking movie?

Rick: I kid you not. The first words out of my mouth after watching the trailer were an indignant “what the fuck?!” Lionsgate either had no idea how to market that movie or it’s so bad that they just opted to tell the entire story in under two minutes. Pass.


I Saw the Light

Loren: I know that it’s a completely different person, but this looks almost too much like Walk The Line to me. I think I’ll just re-watch Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story instead.

RDT: I’m intrigued by the casting. But the fairly standard trailer and (currently) 16% on Rotten Tomatoes pretty much guarantees I’ll wait for video (or, more likely, HBO GO).

Rick: Early reviews are trashing it, but I’m still curious enough to give this a shot.


Born to Be Blue

Loren: Wait two biopics about musicians are coming out this week? This looks interesting and it seems as though Chet Baker had one hell of a life. We’ll see about this.

RDT: Ethan Hawke intrigues me as an actor. I don’t always love what he does, but I appreciate his efforts to stay outside the box. I knew nothing about this movie until putting together this post. Will I rush out to see it? Probably not, but it’ll make the list once it’s streaming.

Rick: It looks like we might get two strong biopics about jazz musicians this year (the other being Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead). In.


They’re Watching You

Loren: Looks kinda fun. Sure why not.

RDT: I was gonna shit on this for being yet another horror-comedy. But it’s not like we get 12 of those a year (I’m looking at you, superheroes!). If it stays on my radar, and reviews are good, I’ll check it out. But it’s more likely that, once this post is up, I will completely forget about it.

Rick: Horror-comedy can be done well (Shaun of the Dead, The Cabin in the Woods, What We Do in the Shadows) or be just plain awful (Zombeavers, An American Werewolf in Paris, Idle Hands). This looks like it might be the former. I’ll give it a go.


Take Me to the River

Loren: I think that’s going to be too intense for my blood. It looks incredibly well done but I think I’m out.

RDT: Is this molest-y. It looks molest-y. Like Loren said, it seems a little intense to me. If I hear amazing things, I’ll add it to the list. But as of now, I, also, am out.

Rick: This looks about as disturbing and uncomfortable as it gets. Sign me up.



Loren: I love the concept of taking a specific piece of the game and focusing on that. This looks to be a fascinating doc to add to the pantheon of Sports Documentaries.

RDT: Baseball + Costner (- For Love of the Game) = RDT In.

Rick: There is no shortage of documentaries about baseball, but this one takes a concentrated look about a single, incredibly important aspect of a pitcher’s arsenal: the fastball. If you’re a fan of the game this will be worth checking out.



The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Loren: Read Rick’s first… done? Ok…. I am lucky, I did wait to see Part 1 so now I will have the good fortune to watch these together. Will I like it? Who knows!

RDT: Look, if you saw the other ones, you’re going to see this. If you didn’t, you won’t.

Rick: Like the last set of Harry Potter movies, I wish I’d waited and watched Part 1 and 2 together. Regardless, If you stuck with the series but missed this in theaters (like a lot of people seemed to) it’s worth checking out.


Daddy’s Home

Loren: Meh, If I’m bored enough, sure. But with so much else to watch this probably won’t make the cut.

RDT: Missed this in the theaters, which I was ok with. But I’ll probably check it out via RedBox in the next few weeks.

Rick: I like Will Ferrell and Marky Mark together (The Other Guys was pretty fun), but I’m all set with this.

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 1

Loren: I dig the idea of seeing the beginnings of the apocalypse but I can not be bothered to check this out.

RDT: I don’t fear The Walking Dead, I hate it. So, I doubt I’ll ever watch Fear the Walking Dead.

Rick: I gave up on The Walking Dead eons ago. This unnecessary companion series couldn’t be of less interest to me.
So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, and Rick

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