Episode #11 – We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

It’s another big one this week. Lots of trailers. Some news bits coming out of CinemaCon. Also, what is CinemaCon? But first, all the news!!!

  • Some surprising Kingsman 2 casting
  • MIB23, the Jump St./Men in Black crossover is happening
  • Mission: Impossible 6 starts shooting this fall
  • Fast 8 gets another new cast member
  • The internet (over)reacts to some Indiana Jones 5 news
  • Dick Tracy 2???
  • The next cinematic universe has been revealed, and it may surprise you!
  • The Dark Tower started shooting
  • Comic-Con streaming…kind of…?
  • Will a Magic Castle movie appear before your eyes?
  • All the Avatars!
  • Jason Statham v Big Shark
  • (Not Uncle) JJ comments on Rey’s mystery parents
  • New Girl and Fear the Walking Dead renewed
  • Tales from the Crypt and The Mist both picked up to series
  • Star Trek show rumors abound
  • Captain America: Civil War reviews are coming in (spoiler alert: it’s good)
  • Spider-Man re-reboot news
  • Dr. Strange trailer
  • Thor: Ragnarok gets a new female lead (and hero?)
  • A whole bunch Infinity War news
  • MCU Phase 4 to be dramatically different
  • Defenders defend!
  • Wolverine 3 news
  • Deadpool 2 confirmed…duh
  • Jason Mamoa talks Aquaman…and Iron Man…?
  • Batfleck’s Batflick confirmed
  • The Killing Joke rating revealed

Also, as mentioned on the show, here’s the link to Alamo Drafthouse founder/CEO Tim League’s response to the big AMC/texting hubbub.

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