Episode #10 – Star Wars: Episode 2: Rogue One

This week on the podcast we throw away our regular main topic plans and talk Rogue One (and Star Wars). But first, the news!

    • Blade Runner 2 casting
    • The BFG trailer
    • Fast 8 villain confirmed
    • Is Galaxy Quest 2 still happening?
    • Edge of Tomorrow 2 moving forward
    • Another Bill & Ted 3 update
    • Dr. Who goes to Class
    • The Walking Dead is still a show that people watch
    • NBC and CBS jumping into the true crime pool
    • The Boys are coming to Cinemax
    • TV renewals coming
    • Benedict Cumberbatch buys comics
    • Spider-Man gets a title?
    • More Marvel TV news
    • Deadpool 2 news
    • Wolverine 3 casting
    • Killing Joke teased
    • Arrow cast gets a new member, but remains the same mathematically
    • More f*ck this f*cking movie news

All that, the usual tangents, and a return visit to those Wars in the Stars.

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Apparently It’s New Trailer Day [UPDATED]

So the MTV Movie awards is a thing that happened last night. I won’t lie to you guys, I didn’t watch, I don’t think I’m the demographic for MTV anymore. But a nice side effect of these awards is a bunch of new trailers dropped. I’ve grouped them together here for you, because I’m a great guy.


First up, Suicide Squad:

A bit of a deeper look into this movie, possibly showing off some of the reshoots that they did to add in some humor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:

We’ve gone on record here at The Hollywood Picture News saying we didn’t hate the first Turtles movie and this one looks somehow better. This trailer features more April O’Neil and Bebop and Rocksteady. Continue reading

Weekend Watch – 4/8/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Hardcore Henry

Loren: I liked the YouTube video that came before this, but that was only like 5 minutes long. I’m not sure I can watch like 80 minutes of that. Only time will tell.

RDT: Interesting premise, but it looks like 80 minutes of cutscenes. I like playing video games, not watching them. Reviews are pretty good though. Hmmm…curiosity will probably get me to see it eventually.

Rick: The last time this first-person style was attempted was in Doom way back in 2005. It was only in a short segment, but it was effective and kind of fun. At the time I didn’t think it would work for a whole feature, but eleven years on I think it can and there’s a huge audience for it. I’m in.

The Boss

Loren: This certainly looks like a movie.

RDT: I like Melissa McCarthy. And she has a history of starring in good movies with shitty trailers. But the current 17% on Rotten Tomatoes is telling me this isn’t one of those movies.

Rick: My first thought when I saw the billboards pop up around town were, “Is this a mafia movie or a remake of King Ralph?” Looks like it’s neither (thankfully…?). I like Melissa McCarthy a lot, but I’ll probably Netflix this one.

Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The New Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser

Once again let me get this out of the way so we can get into it:  AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!1!One!!!!ExclamationPoint!!   *Ahem* Better.

I’ll get into the actual breakdown in just a minute, but first I just want to say how exciting it is to get a new Star Wars movie that (as of right now) doesn’t have anything to do with the Skywalker story. I love the world that George Lucas created and between Star Wars Rebels and this we’re starting to really open it up. Even though this (and Rebels) take place just before the events of A New Hope and are about the start of the rebellion they feel fresh and, I don’t know, bigger than the galaxy we’ve been dealing with for 7 previous films and other tv series.

And let’s not sleep on the fact we’re getting what looks like another super badass lady in the leading role. I always felt that Padmé left something to be desired in terms of being a character, but between Rey and Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso, I feel like we’re getting back on the path that Leia started us on.

I love the look and feel that we get from this teaser too. It’s heavy and dark but without being Grimdark like our much maligned DCEU. This looks like a war has been raging and the people have been beaten and oppressed for too long. It’s time for rebellion.

Without further ado, here’s a brief rundown of what we saw in this teaser:

  • It all starts with that familiar score.
  • We see Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso in handcuffs being escorted through a rebel base. Why the handcuffs? What did she do to get her “arrested” by the rebellion?
  • Those dumb looking rebel helmets are back!
  • Overdubbed list of Jyn’s crimes. Including: Forgery of Imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest.
  • While her crimes are being listed we get a great shot of the interior of the rebel base with troops running about, droids (GONK!) and even an X-Wing. Is this the base on Dantooine or maybe Yavin-4?
  • Next we have our first shot of Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma. Standing in front of her glowing star map. It’s pretty much the only place she ever is.
  • A quick shot of Diego Luna’s unknown character as Mon Mothma says that Jyn is reckless and undisciplined. Will he be the love interest? Will there be a love interest? It’d be pretty great if there wasn’t one. No time for love Doctor (Felicity) Jones.
  • Jyn being a badass and taking out a group of Stormtroopers as she’s saying to Mon Mothma, “This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel.” Mothma smiles. F*ck yeah!
  • Jyn is told of her mission to gather intel on a new super weapon, as we see the focusing dish placed onto the first Death Star while it absolutely dwarfs a couple star destroyers. People will now complain that we’re getting another Death Star, completely missing the point that this is a prequel. The world will keep turning.
  • We hear an alarm going off at the rebel base as the troops scramble. We get our first full shot of Diego Luna running beside Jyn.
  • Next we get an absolutely stunning shot of Ben Mendelsohn’s Imperial character in a white uniform with a long white cape. Rad. After doing a little internet digging it may be that he’s part of the ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) or maybe it’s a Grand Admiral uniform like the former EU character Thrawn.
  • We get a shot of storm troopers patrolling a city (Lothal?) and the feeling that Empire has gotten control of every nook and cranny in the galaxy.
  • We see Forest Whitaker’s character walking through a pipe/entrance. He gets voiceover now asking someone, “What will you do when they catch you?”
  • Shadow Troopers!!!
  • A group of rebel pilots are shown in Imperial custody.
  • Jyn and Luna are running through an Imperial base perhaps with a droid. The stormtroopers are scrambled. Some might be camouflaged.
  • We’re treated to the badassery of Donnie Yen space samurai-ing (it’s a thing) a group of Storm Troopers.
  • Next there’s a large beach battle with a shuttle blowing up, and troopers shooting at rebels.
  • We see Mendelsohn’s character trailing his dope cape in the water (that shit’ll stain dude) walking up to the battle aftermath with dead Storm Troopers in the water.
  • A cloaked figure enters a room with Crimson Guard members and kneels. Is this Vader? Maybe an Inquisitor type character that’s going to speak to Vader? Maybe this is Mads Mikkelsen’s character, but I thought I read that he was a member of the squad. I may have the most questions about this one shot. 
  • Next we see the squadron running down the same beach from before but being shot at by new (old) and frankly scarier looking AT-ATs.
  • This is all over dubbed with Forest Whitaker’s character saying “If you continue to fight, what will you become.” Closing on a shot of Jyn in a Tie Pilot/Death Star trooper uniform.
  • The last thing we see/hear is the title card with a very cool mash up of the Light Side theme and the Imperial March.

And that’s it, a fantastic trailer that leaves me a bit breathless. I might be more excited for this movie than I am for Episode VIII. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments what you think about this teaser.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in December in Real D 3D and IMAX 3D.

From Hollywood,


Episode #9 – Summer Summer Summertime

This week on the podcast we talk about the summer movie season. With all these huge February, March and April releases, is it still a thing? But first, the news!

  • Kingsman 2 title revealed – Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  • Electra Woman & Dyna Girl trailer
  • Oscar Isaac reteams with Ex Machina director for Annihilation
  • Bradley Cooper to star in Max Landis scripted sci-fi flickDeeper
  • Is Starman returning to theaters?
  • Sicario sequel moving forward
  • The Shining 2 is apparently happening
  • Supergirl/Flash crossover leads to 30% bump in ratings
  • Mythbusters returning already
  • Preacher teaser
  • Deadpool officially the highest grossing R-rated movie
  • Gambit delayed again
  • Will James Gunn stay with the Guardians for Volume 3?
  • Dr. Strange and Baron Mordo in action
  • First Wonder Woman image revealed
  • Suits’ Patrick J. Adams joins Legends of Tomorrow
  • 2nd Lego Batman Movie trailer
  • Is Batfleck writing his own Bat-flick?
  • Zach Snyder helping out on Aquaman
  • Deleted Batman v Superman scene released
  • Snyder explains when Robin died in this universe
  • Batman v Superman box office drops 80% on Friday
  • Suicide Squad reshoots

All that, the usual tangents, and a quick revisit to, ugh, The Legal Proceeding (were we too easy on it?). Spoilers around 39:00-42:00(ish).

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RDT v Batman v Superman

The first comic book I ever bought was The Flash, volume 2, #7. I was 10 or 11 years old when I walked into that Newbury Comics in Framingham, MA. I have no idea what else I bought with my (mom’s) $5, but I remember that cover. The Flash, in his bright red suit, trudging through the snow, a group of heroes and a couple bearded dudes with him. (A quick Google search confirms my memory holds.)

Flash_7I think Red Trinity was a group of good…Russian(?)…speedsters. And they, with The Flash and those other guys, were on the run (pun somewhat intended) from Blue Trinity, a group of evil, maybe also Russian(?), definitely also speedsters for reasons. Sure, I can look it up, but that’s not the point.

The point is, that book grabbed me before I could grab it.

Not to be too dramatic, but nearly everything I love most in life (things, not people) can be traced back to that one comic book. This site & our podcast (at least, my participation in them), half the t-shirts I wear, most of the shows I watch and movies I see, all of it started withThe Flash, volume 2, #7. After #7, I caught up with #1-6 and continued with #8. When The Flash joined The Justice League, that book made the list. There I was introduced to the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and the rest of the DC pantheon. And if they had books, I grabbed those, too. Every Wednesday (aka New Comic Book Day), for as long as I can remember, I would walk out of my local shop with a stack of DC Comics, um, comics, a Boston Market chicken sandwich (mayo only, please) and an excited smile of anticipation on my face.

This week on the podcast, we covered Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (something we cheekily refer to as The Legal Proceeding). I won’t (completely) rehash it (it was awful, mostly. Wonder Woman was great, mostly, and briefly. Batman was good… kind of…?). Give it a listen (100% spoiler alert, for the episode and below, by the way). But, with my aforementioned history with the subject matter, I thought it worth a little more discussion.

This movie has weighed on me since it was released (which, granted, was only a week ago, but still). For the record, while I am a boy and a fan, I am not a “fanboy.” I believe creators bringing in their own interpretations of these characters is the foundation by which comic books have existed, succeeded, for the last 75+ years. Characters have to change. The Batman of 1938 is not The Batman of 2016, and that’s ok. You may not agree with those new directions, but without them there is stagnation and stagnation is boring. Plus, on occasion, good can come from the bad (Affleck as Batman and Gadot as Wonder Woman, in this case).

The flaws of this film are many (MANY). But, a week later, the one that stands out to me, the one that sets the tone of this cinematic universe more than anything, even more than mopey (dead) Supes, is this:

Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s pal, is killed within the first 10-15 minutes. Why? Because, and I quote:

“We just did it as this little aside because we had been tracking where we thought the movies were gonna go, and we don’t have room for Jimmy Olsen in our big pantheon of characters, but we can have fun with him, right?”
–Zack Snyder, “director”

I don’t need you. I don’t want you. So, you’re dead. D-E-D dead. 

My problem with this movie, and Man of Steel before it, is not so much the changes they made (though they are not great). But that those changes come from a place of ego and hubris, a place lacking respect and reverence. Because they want to be the ones that made Superman cool and Batman kill. Because this is their “realistic” vision for this universe (where a man can fly, a woman is immortal and Ben Affleck dresses up like a bat and murders people. Don’t worry though, they were all bad). This DC is where the people live. It’s gritty and grim. It’s grays and browns, and constantly overcast. And it’s where Gotham City is just across the bay from Metropolis. And where Superman kills, too.

Marvel is bright, full of action, drama, humor, pathos and primary colors. Do Marvel heroes kill? Yes, but not without cause or, more importantly, repercussion. Actions have have consequences. What they do matters in this world and they are held accountable for it. Which, I guess, is bad…?

Spoiler alert, it’s not. It’s actually pretty f—ing great.

The DCEU may now be a world without a Superman (::cough:: bullshit ::cough::), but it’s also a world without color, a world without hope (despite that symbol on his chest). It is a world not built on the dead body of a hero who should, but does not, inspire (and who we all know is coming back). It’s built on the dead body of Jimmy Olsen, a man we never got to know, and that…that makes me sad.

From Culver City (don’t tell my boss…)


Weekend Watch – 4/1/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Everybody Wants Some!!

Loren: I don’t love that trailer, but it looks like the movie itself will be a lot of fun. I’m in.

RDT: A spiritual sequel to Dazed & Confused, and currently at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’ll definitely be seeing this sooner than later.

Rick: Dazed and Confused is a hard act to follow, but I’m in for this.


God’s Not Dead 2

Loren: Not sure I could nope this any harder than I did while watching the trailer.

RDT: Is that the one where Jesus comes back as a mimetic polyalloy?

Rick: I’ve been waiting to have Clarissa explain it all about Jesus. I didn’t think she’d have to go to court over it, though.

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