Weekend Watch – 5/6/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Captain America: Civil War

Loren: It’s going to be hard to top this one this week. I feel like I’ve been waiting for it for ever, and as I mentioned in last weeks Podcast (check out our podcast!) I’m more excited for this than I was Age of Ultron.

RDT: What Loren said (especially the “check out our podcast!” part).

Rick: Summer movie season is officially upon us, and I could not be happier than having this as the opening act.

A Bigger Splash

Loren: There’s clearly some darkness there which could make this interesting and not just “poor rich people” but I’m not sure this movie is for me. The two leads are pretty tremendous though.

RDT: Tilda Swinton is a freaking chameleon. I had no idea that was her as Amy Shumer’s boss in Trainwreck. This looks interesting. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually.

Rick: I hate the music in this trailer. It’s way too cheerful for the subject matter. Nitpicking aside, I’ll definitely catch this.

Elstree 1976

Loren: I don’t normally do documentaries in the theater, for some reason I just rather watch them at home on the couch. Though I love the subject matter, I’ll most likely see at home. But, I’ll definitely see it.

RDT: This looks like a super cool blu-ray extra. I can definitely see myself giving a watch from my couch some Saturday afternoon.

Rick: This is right in my wheelhouse. Adding it to the list.

Pelé: Birth of a Legend

Loren: Another week, another biopic. I admittedly don’t know anything about Soccer, but this looks like it’s the 42 or The Babe of the sport. And does look pretty good. I do wonder if anyone is going to be upset at Vincent D’Onofrio playing a Brazilian though.

RDT: If it gets good reviews, I’ll see it eventually. If not, it’ll fall off my radar as soon as I finish this post.

Rick: Honestly, I’d rather watch a documentary (surely one exists). Unless there are rave reviews about this, I’ll pass.

Band of Outsiders (rerelease)

Loren: I never saw this originally but this may be a good chance to catch it.

RDT: I definitely need to catch up on my classics. For $15 at a theater? Nope. But definitely at home.

Rick: Even though I’ve seen this theatrically before (and own it on disc), I’m kind of a nerd about film restoration.  I’ll likely see this just to see what improvements Rialto Pictures has made over Gaumont’s restoration from 2010.

Dark Horse

Loren: Remember what I said about documentaries before? I take that back for this. I think I could totally watch this in the theater and be captivated by it. This looks really, really good to me for some reason.

RDT: I really need to do a deep documentary dive. When I do, this will be on the list.

Rick: I saw quite a few docs in the theater last year and even more at home. Count me in.

Being Charlie

Loren: This one didn’t get me. I feel like it should have but it didn’t. It doesn’t look bad per se, it just doesn’t do it for me.

RDT: I heard director Rob Reiner talk about this on WTF w/Marc Maron. It was co-written by his son, Nick, based on his own experiences getting sober. I liked the trailer. When this his streaming, I’ll give it a watch.

Rick: I’m in for this. Maybe not in theaters, but I’ll see this.



Loren: Horror-Comedy is a tough one, this looks like it might be ok. I didn’t catch this around the holidays but maybe once it hits digital platforms I’ll give it a whirl.

RDT: Heard decent things when it was in theaters. And I love me some Adam Scott. I’ll give it a shot, sure.

Rick: No one is more surprised than me that I missed this in theaters. I’ll make time for this in the near term.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, and Rick

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