Episode #14 – Too Many Cooks!

This week on the podcast, we go mano a mano with Captain America: Civil War (SPOILERS @ 1:15:15-ish). But first, the news!

  • Space Jam 2: Space Jammier 
  • Jekyll & Hyde like actor Russell Crowe to play Jekyll & Hyde like character in Mummy reboot
  • Scorsese’s The Irishman coming together
  • Is Adam McKay Irredeemable?
  • Who will be the new Han Solo?
  • Blade Runner 2 casting
  • Power Ranger suits revealed
  • Lots of TV pilot news/speculation/renewals
  • Animated Blue Brothers?
  • The return of Suits
  • Is Supergirl flying away from CBS?
  • How much money has The Legal Proceeding made, and who’s actually running things over there?
  • The New Mutants lineup confirmed?
  • The next X-Men movie to be set in the ’90’s?
  • Wolverine 3 casting
  • And a whole bunch of MCU updates (CIVIL WAR SPOILERS @ 1:15:15-ish)

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