Weekend Watch – 5/13/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Money Monster

Loren: Man, the Ocean’s Eleven movies really took a dark turn. This started one way for me but definitely turned the corner. I’ll check it out.

RDT: Great cast. Great director. Interesting story. Reminds me a little of that Denzel Washington movie, John Q. Nice to see an adult drama out there, too. I might catch it in theaters, but I’ll definitely see it at some point.

Rick: I’m not sure how the whole “bigger financial conspiracy” angle is going to play out, but I’m still interested.

The Darkness

Loren: This looks like a pretty formulaic demonic possession movie with a Native American twist. Meh.

RDT: If this is really good, I’ll watch it from Rick’s kitchen. If it’s bad, I’ll never watch it. If it’s really bad, I’ll watch it from Rick’s living room.

Rick: As much faith as I have in Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), like Loren said, this looks about as pedestrian as it gets. I’ll go back and rewatch Fred Olen Ray’s Scalps instead.

Love & Friendship

Loren: Not really for me, but I like the humor in it. It’s good to see Kate Beckinsale not in a leather jumpsuit. Never thought I’d say that in my life, but here we are.

RDT: This looks “delightful.” (Not quite my…. cup of tea though.)

Rick: Hand me a book by Jane Austen, I’ll likely never read it. Make a movie, however…

The Lobster

Loren: I really want to know how you come up with this concept. It’s soooo out there, I love that.

RDT: This looks weird as hell, but I’m into it.

Rick: This is probably the release I’m most excited for this weekend.

Last Days in the Desert

Loren: Not for me, but it sure does look pretty.

RDT: Is it bad that I’d rather see Obi-Wan in the desert? (Obi-Wander the Desert!)

Rick: Yep. Totally in.

Search Party

Loren: I love pretty much everyone in this movie. I don’t think I’ll run out to theater to see it or anything but I’ll see it eventually.

RDT: Stellar cast. But it just looks like a bad Hangover ripoff. (But, like Loren said, I’ll probably see it eventually…)

Rick: Gotta be honest: didn’t even make it through the whole trailer. I will never see this.


Loren: This seems too serious for any snark but that’s kinda my schtick soo….. what’s with the elephant imagery?

RDT: **shrugs**

Rick: Jacques Audiard (Rust and Bone, A Prophet) is a strong storyteller. And you can’t half-ass it and win the Palme d’Or. I’m in.

Kill Zone 2

Loren: Yes please. There seems to have been a resurgence in badass martial arts movies and I for one am all for it. This looks dope.

RDT: I didn’t see the first Kill Zone. Will I be lost?

Rick: This has nothing in common story-wise with 2005’s Kill Zone (it does share actors, but in completely different roles). It’s a sequel in name only, so feel free to jump right into part 2. You should watch the first one, though. It’s pretty great.

Sunset Song

Loren: I think we’ve really nailed down the type of movie I’m into by doing these, sadly this is not one of them. It looks beautiful and is probably acted well but I know me and I know I probably won’t see it.

RDT: This looks gorgeous. If it gets some kind of awards buzz, I’m sure I’ll see it. If not, I’m sure I’ll forget about it.

Rick: Well, that looks effing heartbreaking. *adds to watch list*

What We Become

Loren: This could be an interesting take on the Zombie genre. I may give this a go a little closer to Halloween.

RDT: Scary plus reading equals no RDT (unless it’s playing at the Whitsett Theater).

Rick: I’ve been burned out on zombie-related entertainment for years, so getting me interested in yet another entry in this genre takes some doing. It does look like a close cousin to 28 Days Later, so it gets points for that. It’s also a nice surprise to see Mille Dinesen (Rita) show up here. I won’t run out to theaters, but I’m at least mildly curious.


Chelsea (Netflix Original)

Loren: I’m not sure that I’m the demo for this but it looks like a different take on the traditional talk show. Will I watch it? Probably not, but maybe. Nice, nailed the non-answer.

RDT: Not a fan.

Rick: Nope.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,

–Loren, RDT, and Rick

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