Fall Previews – 2016

Network upfronts are done, and previews for most shows (but not all – Where’s my Riverdale trailer, CW?!?!?) have been released. So, we thought we’d compile them all in one convenient post and give some initial thoughts. It’s like our Weekend Watch column, but for new TV shows!


Downward Dog

Loren: This looks sadder than it probably should. Also just weird. Won’t last.

RDT: Ok, if it’s just 4th-wall breaking and the dog (Walter) is addressing the audience directly, why do his lips move? It bothered me. Also,  agree with Loren, it looks really sad. Alison Tolman deserves better.

Imaginary Mary

Loren: Looks like it would be a cute movie, but a terrible show. Either way I won’t be watching it. 5 episodes.

RDT: This feels like a pretty standard sitcom was given a(n unnecessary) gimmick. Pass.


Loren: Looks less offensive than I originally thought. Probably won’t be good. Maybe 2 seasons.

RDT: To quote Loren from our recent episode, this really does look like network Shameless. That being said, I didn’t hate the longer preview and will give it a shot.

Still Star-Crossed

Loren: This show 100% doesn’t need to happen. 3 seasons.

RDT: I agree with Loren, except I don’t think it’ll make it more than 13 episodes.

Time After Time

Loren: Actually looked interesting. Skews to the ladies a little bit, once they modern style them. Jury’s out.

RDT: I think it works well as a movie (which it was) or mini-series. Not sure it’s a tv show though, unless they start bouncing around in time and changing shit. I get a bit of a Sleepy Hollow vibe, too. I’ll check it out.


Loren: I want this to be about Biggie Smalls, I do not care about the will they won’t they of a news producer and a pundit that are best friends on opposite sides. 1 season tops.

RDT: Wait…she’s not the lawyer? I thought she was the lawyer? He’s the lawyer? Hmmm…I still don’t care.


Loren: Love the cast. Hate the premise, “What if Paris Hilton was a lawyer”. I’d rather more Agent Carter. 1 Season.

RDT: Haley Atwell deserves better than this.

Designated Survivor

Loren: This actually looks decent. Prestent day Battlestar. 2 seasons maybe more.

RDT: Jericho meets The West Wing? President Jack Bauer? I’m in for at least the first few episodes (unless it’s a complete train wreck).

American Housewife

Loren: This looks offensive to fat people. Also people from Connecticut. Won’t last.

RDT: As a fat (and formerly fatter) person, it just seems one note. If they get away from the fat jokes and make it about the characters as real people, I could see it being ok. I guess.


Star Trek

Loren: Not much to it but I’m still more into it than Fast and Trekious. Hopefully lots of seasons.

RDT: I’m not sure I’m willing to pay for another streaming service just for one show. However, if the rumors hold true (anthology show with each season covering a different part of Trek future history), and based on Bryan Fuller’s involvement, I’m somewhat open to it.


Loren: NOOOOOPE. 3 episodes. Max.

RDT: I knew Angus MacGyver. And you, sir, are no Angus MacGyver.


Loren: Doctor Phil was like House for juries? Sure. I won’t watch, but it’s CBS 7 seasons.

RDT: Bull. Shit.

The Great Indoors

Loren: I like Joel McHale, this looks… not good. Millennial jokes aren’t all that funny. 2 seasons, maybe more if it catches the 2 Broke Girls terrible audience.

RDT: Right now, it looks very standard (like pretty much all of CBS’s sitcoms). If they let McHale have some fun, and develop the characters so they’re not just 20-something SnapChatting douche-bags, I could be into it though.

Kevin Can Wait

Loren: So can I. 4 seasons unfortunately.

RDT: More like Kevin or Hell. (I choose Hell.)

Man With a Plan

Loren: A worse Kevin Can Wait. 1 Season.

RDT: Why do I feel like I’ve seen this show before? Because I have, 2 minutes ago (scroll up slightly).

Pure Genius

Loren: This surprised me, in that it looked kinda good. At least 2 seasons.

RDT: Jason Katims created this. He has yet to steer me wrong (though I have yet to watch The Path – yes, it’s on the list). I’m in until I’m out.

Training Day (Midseason)

Loren: I was out until the very end. I liked the twist on who’s training who. 1 Season.

RDT: That initial VO is pretty awful. And I just don’t believe they’ll be able to pull this premise off on network tv. It’s like a poor man’s The Shield. But, like Loren said, that twisty on who’s training who is intriguing.

The CW


Loren: Looked better than I thought it would, but I don’t know how this lasts. Jury’s out, it’s the CW.

RDT: I liked the original movie. It’s pretty solid. I’ll give this a shot.

No Tomorrow

Loren: Might fall into that Jane the Virgin/Crazy Ex-Girlfriend area. Or not. 1 Season.

RDT: This looks adorable!!!! (Pass…)


Prison Break

Loren: Didn’t watch the original, I won’t watch this. It’ll get its limited run but that’s it.

RDT: The original show shouldn’t have gone past season 1, maybe (MAYBE) season 2. I mean, seriously, how many times can this guy end up in prison. (5. It’s 5.)

24: Legacy

Loren: I liked 24, I didn’t even finish the last limited run. If it’s good it’ll get another season, if not, nope.

RDT: I just don’t care.


Loren: Interesting concept. It might work. 1 season with maybe 2 more if it’s any good.

RDT: If they’ll let this show have some depth about security and privatizing police, great. I just don’t believe they’ll do that.

The Exorcist

Loren: This won’t work as a tv show, especially on FOX. 5 episodes.

RDT: **shrugs**

Lethal Weapon

Loren: I also don’t see how this works on TV, I’m willing to give it a chance because I really like the movies but I don’t think it’s going to do well. Maybe it gets to finish the first season.

RDT: Fine. I’ll say it. I’m getting to old for this shit stuff.

Making History

Loren: Looked kinda funny, and I like Adam Pally. Might fit in with Last Man on Earth. 3 Seasons.

RDT: The preview didn’t grab me, but I like the cast and creators. Sure, why not?

The Mick

Loren: Not for me. I don’t think it’ll be for anyone else either. 6 episodes and the rest burnt off on Hulu.

RDT: I kinda laughed….


Loren: Another interesting idea, and the incorporation of actual MLB teams may help it. At least 1 season.

RDT: I enjoy a good sports drama. So, I’ll give it a shot.

Shots Fired

Loren: This one may be way too personal for people and not received well. Also, what happened to Helen Hunt? 1 season.

RDT: I just don’t think Fox has the skills to handle such a serious topic.

Son of Zorn

Loren: This is definitely one of the types of shows that I couldn’t tell you where that show goes in season 4, but it looked slightly funny. Jury’s out.

RDT: I have no idea how to feel about this. If the pilot makes me laugh, I’m in.


Loren: Pair it with Empire, it’ll do fine. Maybe even fill the void for those that liked Nashville. 3 seasons.

RDT: I’ll never watch it, but Loren is spot on. It looks like a good companion to Empire.



Loren: Another time travel show. It looks as interesting as the others. If it’s good 2 seasons.

RDT: Looks like a fun, old school 80’s adventure show, with maybe a little more mythology to it. I’m in until it sucks.

The Good Place

Loren: Looked funnier than I thought it would and I like the people involved. It’s a little high concept. Maybe 3+ seasons.

RDT: Too good for NBC.

This Is Us

Loren: Not my cup of tea either. It’ll probably do ok. 2+ seasons.

RDT: Looks like Parenthood with a cheap gimmick.

So there you have it. Take a look. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And as more previews hit, we’ll update the post accordingly.

From Hollywood,

Loren & RDT

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