Episode #19 – This time, it’s personal.

Quick caveat to this week’s episode. Loren and I are both recovering from a cold. So our apologies for any congestedness or coughs that made their way through. Anyway onto the show! We’re talking sequels and ask the question, are there too many? (Yes, yes there are.) But first, the news (which will mostly be about sequels)!

  • Who is John Boyega playing in Pacific Rim 2?
  • Splash is coming back to the big screen
  • Neal Stephenson’s book Seveneves to be adapted by Ron Howard
  • We still have no idea who the new Bond will be
  • Ocean’s 8 cast expands, and decreases
  • Battlestar Galactica gets a writer, and maybe a director, too!
  • An older Vixen (so a Cougar?) is coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • Nashville will rise again!
  • So will Mallrats and Buckaroo Banzai
  • And maybe Terriers, too?
  • Netflix has some Stranger Things
  • Big Blue Boy Scout, and 5 others, coming to Supergirl in season 2.
  • Lobo???
  • Commissioner Gordon got swol
  • Suicide Squad rating revealed
  • Justice League Action character designs revealed
  • Gotham getting poisoned
  • Wolverine and Prof. X getting old
    • And maybe a title?
  • Who is Scarlet, and what is her connection to the MCU?

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