Episode #22 – The Podcast at the End of the (Cinematic) Universe

This week, we’re talking cinematic universes. What’s good? What’s bad? What’s next? But first, the news!

  • I aint afraid of no Lyft!
  • IT production begins. Pennywise revealed?
  • Minecraft movie release date
  • Tetris trilogy???
  • Wreck-It Ralph returns
  • So does Spy?
  • Pixar going OG
  • More Rogue One thoughts
  • Is Han Solo the best?
  • Mad Max kommt nach Deutschland
  • Another week, another round of Arrow/Flash casting
  • Who will inhabit Krypton?
  • Preacher gets bigger in season 2
  • 12 Monkeys picked up for season 3
  • As is Casual
  • Star Trek streaming thoughts
  • Netflix getting Lost in Space
  • YouTube Stepping Up (2 the streets?)
  • Justice League: Damage Control: Part 2
  • Spidey has batwings, and new cast members
  • Deadpool and Spidey take a few shots at The Legal Proceeding
  • Anna Kendrick, Squirrel Girl?
  • Are Fox and Marvel still talking? (They still should be!)

All that, plus more tangents than usual.

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