Episode #26 – Where No One Has Gone Before

This week, we’re talking Star Trek, cable updates, Cable updates and a whole lot of tangents. Plus, the news!

  • Rocketeer Returns….or will he?
  • Meryl Streep is Topsy Turvy
  • Chris Evans is Jekyll, and Hyde!
  • Flatliners reboot not a reboot…?
  • Mockingbird heads to space….with Seth MacFarlane!
  • Superman revealed!
  • Game of Thrones ends as Westworld begins and Jon Stewart returns while True Detective….is resurrected….maybe…
  • We meet Dirk Gently
  • Harry Potter ends, again, until it doesn’t, again.
  • Justice League gets Dark.
  • Suicide Squad gets tagged.
  • Stephen Lang is not Cable (Thanks Obama, and Avatar!)
  • The Guardians get Sly
  • Spider Potter?
  • Netflix heroes not going to the cinema?
  • The Avengers sequel gets a title, and loses one.

Oh, and  the Point Break remake sucks!!!

All that, Star Trek Beyond and, for reals, a ton of tangents! (Did you know Daniel Radcliffe is 5’5″?)

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