Episode #29 – It’s The End Of TV As We Know It

This week Ryan is the one off galavanting around Europe but don’t be alarmed Loren brought in a ringer. Jen’s back on the show to talk all about TV and how it’s a-changing.

That’s not all though, they also covered all the news from the week like:

  • Click here if you’re terrified of clowns.
  • We get a Clue to possibly the worst remake yet.
  • COPS heads to theaters, sort of.
  • Rock Johnson on the Jumanji reboot-quel.
  • The Queen is dead, long live the Queen; Ben Queen exits NBC’s Powerless.
  • MacGyver. I don’t have anything funny to say here.
  • Arrow gets a new (Human) Target.
  • The not Matchbox 20 guy brings us The Lost Boys.
  • The Nightly Show says goodnight.
  • Enrico Pallazzo and Iron Man bring you Perry Mason, that’s the weirdest thing you’ll read today.
  • It’s pilot season over at Amazon.
  • Did someone trick the Joker?
  • Is Coach Taylor Cable?
  • Will we get to see “Awesome Facial Hair Bros” in Doctor Strange?
  • And we may have found our Mary Jane Watson!

All that plus the usual tangents.

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