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Loren: ButWhy_RyanReynolds.gif

Rick: When I heard this was happening I couldn’t help but wonder why. I mean, apart from the obvious fact that it’s a recognizable true story (meaning studios will claw at each other for a chance to make it), would there be anything else compelling on offer? Suffice to say the trailer has me intrigued. I’ll give it a go.

Jen: This does seem like the perfect Tom Hanks Oscar-bait. When I heard about it I thought, nope I won’t get sucked in. But damn if this trailer doesn’t suck me in just a little bit. Dammit Hanks!

When the Bough Breaks 

Loren: I really like that there’s an entire sub-genre of black relationship thrillers.

Rick: Wait. Wasn’t Morris Chesnut in a movie like this last year? *looks it up* Yep. The Perfect Guy. I realize it’s not the same story, but it’s just another Lifetime-esque movie with a bigger budget. Unless I find out it’s unintentionally hilarious I’m gonna pass.

Jen: Have you guys see the poster?!?!?!?! Usually this sensitive mom can’t handle movies about moms and their baby struggles but there is some unbelievable camp value here. Give me a couple of white wine spritzers and I am IN!

The Disappointments Room 

Loren: More like Disappointments Movie, amirite!?!?!? Nah, this just looks formulaic, though I am slightly interested in what’s in the room. I’m sure it will be disappointing. HEY-O! Side note, does blonde Kate Beckinsale look like young Kim Basinger to anyone else?

Rick: Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Family moves into giant house for some reason, spooky things start happening, turns out house has a terrible secret. Oh, it’s also “based on true events”. Does that mean the haunted part or that a family moved into a house? Can someone clarify, please. As a side note: I swear that house has been in another horror movie. 2010’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, maybe?

Jen: This looks like a supercut of every horror film of the past decade. They haven’t screened for critics yet which is not a great sign. Loren, I’ll look up a spoiler later and let you know what’s in the room.


Loren: Here’s hoping this is actually good. It’s a tired story that looks as though it may have had some life breathed into it.

Rick: Hang on. You can make a ghost story actually look chilling and artful and not the least bit tired or cliche? Why has no one mentioned this? Someone get Mr. Hollywood on the blower! This could be huge! Seriously, though. Sign me the hell up for this.

Jen: The trailer cites Roman Polanski and that is exactly the feeling I got. Knowing the filmmaker committed suicide just after the film was screened in Toronto, ups the creep factor by 10.

Complete Unknown

Loren: Interesting. Tell me more. Oh wait, that’s not how trailers work. Tell me less? No, then I wouldn’t be into it at all. Hmmm, tell me the same amount as you did. Perfect. Oh sorry, yeah this looks pretty good.

Rick: *nods approvingly, immediately looks up showtimes*

Jen: Interesting. Michael Shannon is NOT playing a bad guy? That alone is worth a look. And this looks like a showcase for Rachel Weisz. I could give it a go.

Max Rose

Loren: Well that looks heart-wrenchingly sad. But, what a role for Jerry Lewis.

Rick: Who do I give my money to?

Jen: I totally ready Loren’s comment as JENNY Lewis and was really confused through the first go-round of this trailer. Upon second viewing I think I would like very much to see this picture.


Loren: This will get added to my ever growing list of documentaries, but probably not at the top. It does look captivating though.

Rick: This would pair well with Ballet 422, another interesting look at the dance world, which came out a couple of years ago. I’ll add Dancer to my list.

Jen: Go and watch the full “Take Me to Church” performance. I’ll wait. Yep, he’s that good. I’m in.


Loren: Whoa. They took the “coming of age on the streets” genre from the 90s and made a fantastic looking art house drama.  In.

Rick: Reminds me a bit of King Jack, another coming of age drama that came out earlier this year. I may not catch this in theaters, but it looks like it’s worth seeing.

Jen: I… I have to admit it you guys, coming-of-age stories just don’t do it for me. This looks beautiful and well done on all accounts, but as interested as I am in teenage boys finding their manhood, I probably won’t see this. Please insert your best Mrs. Robinson joke here. Heh… insert… heh.

Author: The JT Leroy Story 

Loren: This honestly feels more like it should be an article on VICE or even Cracked rather than a feature length doc. That being said, I’m interested to know why at the end she thinks this isn’t a hoax. It really seems like a hoax.

Rick: To Loren’s point: It is most definitely a hoax. Maybe not the biggest of literary hoaxes, but still. I think you could also argue that it’s some kind of literary performance art. Regardless, I want to see what all the parties involved have to say.

Jen: How did I not know about this when it was happening? I feel like I just crawled out from under a rock. That being said, I think I could learn everything I ever wanted to know about this story with a quick Google search.

Brother Nature 

Loren: Look, I like Bobby Moynihan, but this looks a little like he’s doing a bad Chris Farley impression. I think I’m good.

Rick: I’m gonna be perfectly honest. I didn’t even bother to watch this trailer. I took one look at the poster art, snorted out a dismissive laugh, and moved on. If you have a desperate need to see Gillian Jacobs in a comedy, do yourself a favor and go see Don’t Think Twice instead.

Jen: This isn’t under the Netflix heading so it isn’t some sort of ill-advised Adam Sandler spin-off? No? Then why was it made? Anyone?

The Wild Life 

Loren: This looks a little cheaply made, but kind of a cute version of the Robinson Crusoe story. I probably won’t catch it but if I had kids I could see them being into it.

Rick: Sure, it’ll be fun for little kids, but this looks like direct-to-video bargain bin animation, not a legit theatrical feature. If you’re looking for a real animated movie to see this weekend, go see Kubo and the Two Strings. It deserves your business (and an Oscar, quite frankly).

Jen: That trailer felt about 6 hours long. Please, no one tell my toddler this movie exists.



One Mississippi (Amazon)  

Loren: This looks good, if not for me. I like Tig Notaro but this may be just a little too uncomfortable for my taste.

Rick: For some reason this doesn’t feel like a series. It comes off like a quirky feature to me. Even so, the trailer got several laughs out of me. If I remember to put this in my Amazon queue I’ll give it a shot.

Jen: I could give this an episode or two, I can’t yet tell if I’d stick with it but Tig deserves a shot at least.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, Rick, and Jen


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