Weekend Watch – 9/16/16

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Bridget Jones’s Baby

Loren: Nope. Didn’t even finish.


Rick: I’ve seen the original and enjoyed it, but I skipped the sequel. This one looks cute and fun, but I feel like this wacky adventure would be easily cut short with a paternity test.

Jen: I am the target audience for this. I still watch the first movie anytime it comes on, but the sequel was… ergh. This could split the difference, but I may wait for the inevitable cable re-run to check it out.

Blair Witch

Loren: I really enjoyed the original when it came out. Like saw it and was terrified of my late night drive home through rural Connecticut. That being said, this looks like a pretty good update and I love that it’s a true sequel unlike Book of Shadows. I’ll give it a shot at some point.

RDT: I am intrigued by this movie and its connections to the original. I don’t think I’ll see it in theaters (I’m a wuss.). And, it’s likely I’ll just end up reading the Wikipedia summary. But, still, I might see it, eventually. Maybe.

Rick: The less we speak of Book of Shadows the better. I like Adam Wingard’s other flicks (You’re Next and The Guest), so here’s hoping this lives up to his other work.

Jen: I agree with everything Ryan said. This could be terrifyingly awesome, but I’ll need some time before I am able to submit to that potential terror.


Loren: Is this a story we need right now? I’ll be curious when his real life story is actually over but it feels like not the right time.

RDT: I’m hearing it’s a good performance in an otherwise mediocre/ok movie. Much like last week’s Sully, it feels like a story that played out in the news and, other than some biographical info, I’m not sure what else there is to learn. I’ll probably check it out when it’s on Netflix, but I have no desire to see it in theaters.

Rick: *half-way curious shrug* Listen, I like Oliver Stone (save for the shitty ending that got tacked onto Savages. Ruinous.) and I’m a big JGL fan, but I’m not super high on this. I’ll probably see it eventually, but more likely on a screener than in theaters.

Jen: That voice… it grates. I’ll watch Citizenfour again, thanks.

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

Loren: This is not for me. I don’t think that I care to watch a documentary about the “biggest band I’ve never heard of”. Even if they are Jesus Austrailian Coldplay.

RDT: Described as a “worldwide phenomenon,” I have literally never heard of this band. So count me out for the doc.

Rick: Nope. Next.

Jen: Pass. I’m sure this will get an enormous die hard Christian audience. They don’t need my extra $$.


Wild Oats

Loren: Precocious Old Women is not a genre I gravitate towards.

RDT: This kind of looks like a lady version of the old man Vegas movie from a few years ago, Last Vegas. I don’t think that’s a good thing. But Shirley MacLaine did once offer me lemonade. So that’s cool.

Rick: I agree with Ryan, and I’m jealous of his Shirley MacLaine encounter.

Jen: I want to grow up to be Jessica Lange in this movie. Nice to see a movie about older women having fun instead of another “old guys/crazy antics” film, I may need to support it for that reason alone.

Silicon Cowboys

Loren: That sorta seems like the whole story was told in the trailer. I think I’m good on this one too.

RDT: I feel like this is a story that keeps being told over and over again. What am I missing?

Rick: *checks watch* Wow! That movie was over quick. Wait. That was just the trailer? Oh. Well, time well spent?

Jen: I think we had a Compaq at one point. That’s really all I have to add.

Miss Stevens

Loren: Uhhhhhhhhh……

RDT: This trailer is totally set up to make you think she’s going to fuck that kid, but the movie is really about how she wants to fuck that kid, but doesn’t fuck that kid. Right?

Rick: The teacher sleeping with the student is too easy. I feel like this movie is going to sidestep that entirely, and it’ll be better for it.

Jen: I vote for RDT’s take. But I’d still watch it, Lily Rabe is pretty awesome.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

Loren: This could be fun. They seemed like fun guys. Won’t be at the top of the list but it’ll be on it.

RDT: I know I should care about The Beatles but…I just don’t.

Rick: So, double feature with Hard Day’s Night?

Jen: Love the Beatles. I will watch ALL the Beatles docs. I’m in for your double feature, Rick.

The Good Neighbor

Loren: I really dig the concept and this looks pretty creepy. I’m sure it’s not amazing but it could be good. A solid maybe from me.

RDT: Good Neighbor. Bad movie?

Rick: A modern spin on Rear Window with a dash of Gaslight and creepy as hell James Caan. I’m in.

Jen: This reminds me a bit of Don’t Breathe, but it does have an interesting hook and I’m curious enough to maybe seek it out.

Mr. Church

Loren: Meh, this is without a doubt not my type of movie, so I’ll probably pass.

RDT: There’s been talk of Eddie getting nominated for this. I think the (current) 18% on Rotten Tomatoes is putting an end to that talk.

Rick: I feel like Eddie Murphy is overdue for a renaissance. Personally, I think he got robbed by not winning an Oscar for Dreamgirls. He’s a multitalented guy and deserves more recognition. To Ryan’s point: actors have won awards despite being in a mediocre movie (Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady, Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8, to name a few). If Murphy is as good as the rumors are, there’s still a chance.

Jen: I am intrigued. This could be great or terrible, I guess there’s only one way for me to find out.



Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (Netflix)

Loren: (Read RDT’s First) Yeah.

RDT: Can I just watch the fan film, rather than a movie about the fan film?

Rick: My feelings about this haven’t changed since we covered it in the Weekend Watch a few months ago. This story, while fun, did not necessitate a documentary. The fifteen minutes I spent reading an article about it’s making was about all I needed to invest in this.

Jen: We did already talk about this, yes? Rick, send me that article. Thanks.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,

–Loren, Rick, and Jen

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