Weekend Watch – 10/21/16

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Loren: I did one of my patented Trailer Breakdowns for this one back in June and I was kinda middling on the trailer. The first one was fine enough but I think I’m waiting until streaming/Redbox for this one.

RDT: I’m with Loren on this. The first one is enjoyable enough, though I did have severe tonal issues with it. So I don’t feel the need run right out to see it.

Rick: I enjoyed the first one quite a bit and, let’s face it, any movie that markets itself with a tongue-in-cheek video game is hard not to endorse: http://www.jackreachermovie.com/NeverStopPunching/
Never stop punching, guys. Or running.

Jen: When I saw that I’d have to watch this trailer I rolled my eyes. But… but… I kinda want to see this. I can’t really say why, maybe it’s all the punching? It just looks over-the-top, ridiculous fun. I did not think I’d be writing any of this about a Jack Reacher movie. Go fig.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

Loren: How the hell does a prequel to the awful looking Ouija movie from a few years ago look so good? Maybe it’s the 60’s setting, maybe it’s that it takes all the possession/ghost house clichés and blends them together, I don’t know, but this looks pretty damn good. (Hey Rick, might have a candidate for next years Horror marathon)

RDT: As I’ve said before, I watch horror movies once a year (from Rick’s kitchen, through my fingers, skipping ahead on Wikipedia.). So, if this is either really good or REALLY bad, that’s how I’ll see it. Otherwise, I’m out.

Rick: Honestly, I was expecting to throw snark at this trailer like I did at its 2014 predecessor, but this actually looks okay. Normally I would balk at a prequel, but this series might actually be better going backwards than conjuring up yet another generic sequel. I’ll give this a go.

Jen: I went to a haunted Hayride event recently and being a scardy-cat I opted to skip the maze based on this movie. While I waited for my peeps they ran this trailer without sound, on a loop outside so I watched it maybe 6-7 times in a row. It took me at least 5 viewings to figure out it was a NEW movie rather than a 70s horror classic I’d just missed out on. I mean that as a compliment.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Loren: This looks silly and not all that good. Besides, Jon Hamm is one of my nemeses so I doubt it.

RDT: I enjoy all four actors in this cast. So it makes me sad that this looks soooo blah.

Rick: Maybe on streaming, but I’m going to have to be incredibly bored.

Jen: Sheesh Gal Gadot is hot. Hmmm, what were we talking about? Oh yes, this is a movie with Zach Galifianakis. I have not enjoyed a movie with him in it since the original Hangover. I’m not going to start with this one.

Boo! A Madea Halloween

Loren: How much nope do you have? I’ll take all of it.

RDT: ……………………..







Jen: So this is a real movie? This is not some sort of Halloween punk’d thing? Huh. So it’s actually possible to see this whole movie? In a theater? I don’t think I’ll be doing that.

American Pastoral

Loren: This is one of the few dramas that has piqued my interest this year. I won’t lie and say that I’ll be running out to the theater to see this but it’s certainly going to make the list.

RDT: I can’t tell you how sick of that song I am. Ok, I can. Like really sick of it! Also, does it bother anyone else that there’s no dialogue in that trailer? No? Ok, never mind.

Rick: This is another trailer that’s in the running for my favorite of 2016. This is the second Philip Roth adaptation to come out this year (the first being Indignation, which I recommend), and I’m definitely in for it. Here’s hoping Ewan McGregor is as talented a director as he is a performer.

Jen: This trailer totally got me. Although, to be fair, if you showed me any series of images over a slowed-down, haunting version of ‘Mad World’ I would be 100% in.


Loren: I don’t know what it is about Rob Zombie movies that get to me so much. Like, House of 1000 Corpses shook me more than the original Texas Chainsaw. That doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s his combination of torture porn (my least favorite horror sub-genre) and his affinity for The Hills Have Eyes-style creepy families that just hits that nerve. ANYway, this looks like that. So probably not.

RDT: I’m good. Thanks!

Rick: I saw this back in September. It’s not his finest work. It’s basically The Most Dangerous Game/The Running Man set in a creepy warehouse. It has the usual weird-ass characters Zombie typically populates his movies with and it doesn’t hold back on the violence. However, where Lords of Salem and his longer cut of Halloween II showcased a far more measured, moody, and artistic approach to terror, this goes in the complete opposite direction. It’s more akin to House of 1000 Corpses, but is somehow less substantive. Zombie is a talented guy and has grown as a filmmaker over the years, but this feels like a step backward. Now, can someone finance his awesome 70’s-era hockey movie? That’s something I’d shell out for.

Jen: Ugh. Oh wait, do I need to say more? No. Ugh, no. There it is.


Loren: This is a very interesting and incredibly shot take on the gay man coming to terms with who he is in a place that won’t allow it story. I don’t know that I’ll see it, but I’m pretty sure those that do will enjoy it.

RDT: I’ve said that I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say that I’ll say it again, A24, the production company behind this, does some amazing work. They don’t always get me in the theaters, but their stuff always rises to the top of my streaming list.

Rick: Lots of good looking dramas this week, and this is no exception. Sign me up.

Jen: This looks fantastic and heart-breaking. I don’t know if I’ll see it in theaters, but I’m sure it will be on a lot of end-of-year critical favorite lists and that I’ll be looking for it in my pre-Oscars research phase.

We Are X

Loren: This feels like a band I should have heard of before, yet here we are.

RDT: I’m already way behind on documentaries, and I’m not a music guy. So, yeah.

Rick: If I wasn’t already aware this was a real band, I’d have bet my left arm this was a fake documentary. They just seem too impossible to be real. I’m officially fascinated. I’ll give this a look.

Jen: Is there an article I can read about these guys? They sound interesting but I don’t know if I can sit through another rockumentary at this point.

The Handmaiden

Loren: I’m not too sure about what the plot is, but damn if that didn’t look enticing. According to the synopsis: “Park presents a gripping and sensual tale of two women – a young Japanese Lady living on a secluded estate, and a Korean woman who is hired to serve as her new handmaiden, but is secretly plotting with a conman to defraud her of a large inheritance.” Yeah didn’t get any of that from the trailer but it did it’s job on making me curious.

RDT: “Visually stunning” is a term that’s thrown around a lot. Regardless, it seems to fit here. That being said, I don’t think it’s for me.

Rick: You had me at “From Park Chan-wook”.

Jen: This looks fantastic. And the reviews are glowing. This trailer does an amazing job of giving me just enough to know I want more.

I’m Not Ashamed

Loren: First and foremost, this movie is not for me. That being said, it’s actually kind of insulting that they are using the Columbine shooting as a framing device. Also, didn’t we just talk about a movie that was almost exactly this movie?

RDT: You know, based solely on the comments of my fellow Weekend Watch-ers, I’m not even going to bother with this trailer.

Rick: To Loren: We did. It was called Natural Selection, another faith-based movie that more or less has the same plot. Granted, it isn’t based on the Columbine massacre, but the similarities are pretty abundant. Regardless, I’m all set with this.

Jen: No. Just no.




Chance, season 1 (Hulu)

Loren: This was too much of a teaser for me, I don’t know what’s happening here. I think I’m gonna pass unless I hear it gets great reviews.

RDT: Similar to what Rick said below, I’ll give the pilot a shot.

Rick: I enjoy Hugh Laurie and the pedigree of the creative team is strong. I’m curious enough to give at least the pilot a shot.

Jen: Exactly what Loren said. Maybe if I hear good things I’ll check it out, but based on this alone, it’s a little too dark to add to the growing list of things I “should be watching.”

Black Mirror, season 3 (Netflix)

Loren: I need to watch the first two series before I dive into this one. But I will.

RDT: You fucking better, Loren! Seasons 1 & 2 were phenomenal, and I expect nothing less than that for these as well. It’s very highly likely I’ll burn through these six episodes Friday night.

Rick: I’ve seen a few of the episodes from the previous seasons. They’re well done and good to throw on if you need something of quality but has a self-contained story. This will get added to the queue.

Jen: Yes, please. Watching that trailer gives me that anxious, tingly feeling I got when I first watched the Stranger Things trailer. The feeling that this was art made specifically to address my own personal interests and fears. I couldn’t be more in.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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