Episode #38 – Video Games FTW!!!1!!

This week the guys are talking Video Games, specifically the new Nintendo Switch announcement as well as all the news like:

  • Donald Glover gives us his best Billy Dee
  • Modern Captain Planet
  • Willy Wonka heads to the WB
  • The 90s are alive again with Enemy of the State and Sneakers getting TV Reboots
  • Youtube Red gets in the TV remake game with Jumper
  • CBS picks up three shows I’m pretty sure you aren’t watching
  • The Rock and Will Ferrell basically make David J. Lagana the TV show
  • Tim Miller exits Deadpool 2, what does it mean!?!?!
  • Logan and Guardians Vol. 2 get trailers
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 gets one too

All of that, plus the usual tangents.

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