Let’s Talk About The New Logan Trailer

Wow. That’s two trailers now for this film that look outstanding. I didn’t do a breakdown for the first one because I kinda just stood there in awe. The whole thing would have just been .gifs of people with slack jawed expressions. With this one, though, there’s more we can glean about the story and characters.

Logan looks to take some inspiration from the Wolverine comic “Old Man Logan” and a whole hell of a lot from the origin of X-23 in “NYX“. Logan and Professor X are on the run and are protecting a little girl that’s very similar to Logan. In the comics Laura Kinney/X-23 is a clone of Wolverine that Logan sometimes treats as a daughter. She has the same ability to heal herself, as well as two adamantium claws per hand and one in each foot. Much like Logan’s berserker rage state that he enters, Laura has something very similar in a trigger scent. A scent that, when smelled, causes Laura to black out and go into a murderous rage. She is also currently the Wolverine of the Marvel Universe as Logan is dead, but it’s comics so I don’t imagine that lasting for very long.

The movie looks to course correct the Wolverine franchise after an abysmal opening salvo and 2/3rds of a good follow up. This is also Fox’ second R-rated X-Men Universe flick following last year’s Deadpool. But enough talking Let’s Talk About The New Logan Trailer:

  • The trailer opens with Laura (Dafne Keen) in a convenience store eating chips, drinking a soda, and trying on sunglasses. Typical kid stuff.
  • The clerk wants to make sure she’s going to pay for the stuff she’s eating. I don’t see her reaching for her wallet.
  • Laura tries to run but the clerk grabs her. This is a mistake as Laura flips him over onto his back and holds a fist to him while screaming. 
  • Logan (Hugh Jackman) stops her from doing anything more horrific to the clerk yelling “Not OK!” then drags her out of the store. Stopping only to steal some cigars on his way out. So Logan still isn’t all that great at being a role model. Understood.
  • My one complaint from both of these trailers is their use of a single song to drive the trailer. In the first one it was Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt and in this it’s Kaleo – Way Down We Go. I’m hoping that the movie doesn’t take the Suicide Squad approach and be all popular music all the time. That was so damn distracting.
  • The next bit might be the strangest part of the whole trailer. In the world of Logan it seems that X-Men comics are a real thing. Logan shows Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) that Laura is a fan of the X-Men by holding up a 70s era X-Men comic that she has on her. I tried to find the issue that it is but it sadly looks like a mock up for the film. 
  • Logan tells Laura that maybe a 1/4 of what’s in the comic happened and not like this. We can see the panels to the comic and it looks like it has Rogue and Cyclops with a fully costumed Wolverine.
  • Logan says in the real world people die. This movie takes place after the retcon in Days of Future Past where Jean Grey is still alive and it’s all happy and cheerful but in the first trailer he tells Xavier that all of the mutants are gone. Something wiped out the mutants in between these two stories. Legacy Virus? Sentinels? Friends of Humanity? Reavers? It’s probably a combination of all of the above.
  • Speaking of the Reavers, Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) shows up looking for the girl. He has a skull and crossbones neck tattoo so you know he’s bad. Logan lies and says he doesn’t know what they are talking about.
  • The Reavers, who have a Mad Maxian look to them, beat Logan down and Pierce sends them into the barn to get the girl.
  • A Cyborg UFC reject goes in to get Laura. He interrupts her eating Cornflakes which is just rude. He pays for this with his life. Tough but fair.
  • Laura walks out of the barn with a terrifying look in her eyes. She throws down the shackles that Bellator Cyborg tried to use on her.
  • An interesting note is as Laura slowly extends her claws (the first real confirmation that this is X-23) Pierce is trying to reprimand her as if they have a prior relationship. Maybe the Reavers aren’t just mercs in this situation.
  • We get an awesome action sequence of X-23 taking out some Reavers complete with blood splatter and severed cyborg limbs.
  • Logan commandeers a limo to escape with Professor X and X-23 as Pierce stares them down from across train tracks.
  • Xavier x-plains that X-23 is x-tremely like Weapon X, x-member of the X-Men.
  • Quick montage of X-23 killing people with her claws in a similar fashion to the way we’ve seen Wolverine do so in the movies.
  • Logan tells Laura that he’s not what she thinks he is. Presumably some sort of savior, but I bet that he is.
  • Professor X tells Logan that Laura needs their help, Logan says someone will come along. Xavier reminds him that someone has come along. Patrick Stewart reminds us that he’s a fantastic actor.
  • Intercut with some frankly random shots, Xavier tells us that “this is what life looks like, people who love each other”. This quote ends with the trio at a dinner table with some other people all smiling.
  • The Reavers attack Logan in the woods and shoot him. As we’ve seen throughout the trailer his healing factor isn’t working like it used to. He’s scarred and bloody.
  • Laura comes to Logan’s aid and the two of them take down a whole group of gun toting bad guys. Claws and blood everywhere. 
  • The last shot of the trailer is great with Logan and Laura driving off, covered in blood, recuperating. It feels very much in line with the rest of what we’ve seen so far from this movie, and it’s pretty badass. 

Guys, this flick looks really good. Mangold has created a totally new and yet familiar feel to the X-Universe. I still wish that this was going to be the final movie in the Singer X-Universe but it doesn’t appear that that is going to be the case. It’s a shame this would be one hell of a finale.

Logan opens everywhere the first weekend in March.

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