Episode #51 – Wish I Had a Time Machine

News here! Got your pop culture news here! 

  • Anne Hathaway is a Nasty, and Colossal, Woman
  • Sterling K. Brown is a Predator
  • Some Tims are rebooting things, one with the help of James Cameron
  • Amazon gets sick, The Big Sick
  • Not many people return to the Xander Xone! 
  • Will & Grace are coming back
  • This Is Us sticking around for, at least, a couple more years
  • Powerless is on Earth-P
  • NBC getting a Witchblade
  • CBS delaying their ST;D
  • Seinfeld having Coffee with Netflix
  • Amazon/BBC making Good Omens together
  • Black Adam flying solo
  • So many Green Lanterns!
  • David Ayer sorry for Suicide Squad, without saying sorry
  • X-Men: The Serieses details (Sentinels!)

All that, plus the usual tangents. 

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