Episode #53 – Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

Year 2 of the Hollywood Picture News begins NOW! So let’s talk pop culture news, shall we?

  • Han Solo: Red Cup: A Star Wars Story begins production
  • Granddaddy’s Home…?
  • We talk about the Arrival of a Dune reboot…
  • IT kids revealed
  • Superb Owl Big Game trailers
  • Captain Underpants gets a poster and voice cast
  • IMDB boards no more
  • The Good Place to continue (yay!)
  • RDT gives us his own casting thoughts for the What About Barb? pilot
  • Black Lightning heads to the CW
  • Supergirl gets some villains you might be familiar with
  • Witches, vampires and lawyers are all delayed
  • Batfleck no longer directing Batflick. Who will?
  • A ton of Aqua-casting
  • Powerless is on Fire
  • Cloak, Dagger and some Runaways cast
  • Iron Fist pics (seem to have disappeared from the internet…)

All that, plus the usual tangents.

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