Episode #59 – Jessica Fletcher, Serial Murderer

This week, we’re talking all the major pop culture news, like….

  • The (re)Matrix?
  • Malin Akerman will Rampage against The Rock
  • You get an Alien movie and you get an Alien movie and you get an Alien movie!
  • Cavill, Henry Cavill
  • Coming 2 America…?
  • SNL x 4 (aka RDT doesn’t understand timezones) 
  • This Is Us kills some walkers
  • ALL THE CABLE SHOWS, and one streaming show, renewed! 
  • Heathers on the move
  • American Gods trailer
  • Master of None, season 2 debut date announced
  • Where you AT-AT?
  • Holy Delayed Production, Batman!
  • Merry Aqua-Christmas!
  • Hey, when you’re having issues with your current slate of films, why not put another into production?
  • Guardians, Vol 3 will happen
  • And, apparently, so will Venom…?

All that, what we watched, and the usual tangents.

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