Episode #61 – Reading is Fun-damental

This week, RDT is upset at math and we talk a lot about The Terminator franchise, rant (yet again) about Avatar, spoil the fuck out of Passengers, and, of course, cover the news!   

  • Terminator terminated
  • Barbie de-Shumered
  • IT trailer destroys records
  • Tomb Raider pics and plot
  • Renner bolts MI:6 
  • Ralph wrecks the internet
  • New Kingsman poster
  • Valerian and another trailer
  • Expendables no longer as Sly as they once were
  • Time Out of Time
  • Rainn Wilson gets ST:D
  • Black Lightning revealed
  • The Flash’s season 4 big bad won’t be a speedster
  • Katie Cassidy returns to Arrow, but Laurel Lance does not
  • Cash Cab rises
  • Westworld gets some familiar cast members
  • Sandler and Netflix chill
  • Joss Whedon getting his own Batflick
  • Jordan Peele to direct everything ever
  • Nicole Kidman cast as Aquamom
  • A quick chat about the new Spidey trailer, plus whatever the fuck Sony is doing with the rest of the Spidey-verse

All that, the Weekly Watched, and the usual tangents. 

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