Episode #71 – Journey to the Mystical Island

We’re back on the pop culture train this week. Starting with some sad news….

  • Adam West has passed away.
  • Nobody here likes The Mummy, but we’re still getting more of this Dark Universe.
  • We’re Mary Poppins y’all!
  • Snoke gets some guards who look pretty badass.
  • Ivan Reitman thinks we’ll get more Ghostbusters.
  • Melissa McCarthy is Margie Claus.
  • Tomb Raider wrapped.
  • First trailer for Coco, Pixar’s new movie.
  • Tom Hardy should NOT be Jafar.
  • Ward is still dead.
  • But Alias could maybe be resurrected.
  • 24 canceled and talks of more, different, 24 continue.
  • Legends of…Isis…?
  • Westworld inspiration.
  • Cowboy Bebop, but no Rocksteady, going live!
  • Sense8 will not come back.
  • Justice League reshoots begin.
  • Warner Bros. are (still) clueless abut Wonder Woman.
  • Dani Moonstar cast.
  • A couple high profile actresses probably won’t be in the next X-flick.
  • Black Panther poster and teaser released.

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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