Weekend Watch – 6/23/17

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Transformers – The Last Knight

Loren: I don’t HATE these movies but I don’t really like them. I can’t see myself seeing this in the theater but the weird Arthurian stuff mixed with the even weirder choice of taking the best Transformer and making him the bad guy has me slightly intrigued. Streaming for sure.

RDT: Yeah. This franchise can go fuck itself.

Rick: Look, I know these movies aren’t particularly good (with the exception of Dark of the Moon. I’ll go to bat for that one.), but they play right into my sense of nostalgia. I was that kid who would rush home from school to watch the original series, and I’ve seen nearly every animated incarnation since. Transformers has gone to some weird places in the thirty-plus years it’s been around, and what Bay and Co. are introducing here isn’t entirely out of step with what’s come before. The introduction of elements from the original Transformers: The Movie and the third season of the series, along with bringing back Frank Welker as the voice of Megatron is enough to keep me engaged. So, yeah, I’m in for this.

Jen: King Arthur + Robots + Mark Wahlberg – Any integrity = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Big Sick

Loren: Yeah, I’m not usually the one to rush out to see a romantic comedy in the theater but this looks really great. I like the semi-autobiographical nature of it and it actually looks funny. It deserves all the money it can get.

RDT: I love Kumail and Emily (V. Gordon – I find it difficult not to say her whole name). I regularly listened to their video game podcast back in the day and have been super stoked for this movie since it first crossed my path. I will definitely see it this weekend.

Rick: I won’t rush out to see this in theaters, but it’ll make the queue when it hits Netflix.

Jen: I think I’ve mentioned how much I love Kumail in this space before. I’ve been waiting for this since its smash premier at Sundance. The reviews are glowing and the trailer is funny. The hubby and I may even get a babysitter to make this a night out.

The Beguiled

Loren: That certainly takes a turn doesn’t it? I was all prepared to be like, “well, that’s definitely a movie with some actors we know” but then there’s the poisoning and the unwilling amputation. I may not see it, but at least it’s something against the grain.

RDT: Didn’t see that coming, that’s for sure. I was going to say it sure does look different, but then I saw Rick’s comment mentioning it was a remake. So, yeah. Regardless, it’s likely not for me.

(They cut his dick off, don’t they?)

Rick: I’m usually not one for remakes (the original 1971 version stars Clint Eastwood and was directed by Don Siegel), but this looks so artfully done I can’t help but to want to rush out and see it.

Jen: I’ve never seen the original but this trailer sure peaked my interest. I don’t think I’ll make it to the theater to see it, but if reviews are good, I’ll seek it out on streaming down the line.

Moka (Limited)

Loren: It’s kinda sad that as soon as a trailer starts with a sad violin piece I can almost guarantee that I won’t see it. Another dead kid trope ahead.

RDT: Loren’s thoughts are enough for me. Didn’t even watch the trailer.

Rick: Dead kid trope aside, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this one. I’ll keep it on my radar.

Jen: Normally I would take a drink for the “dead kid” trope, but somehow Euro arthouse cinema seems to earn it. I have the feeling this is an acting tour-de-force, but I can’t imagine I’ll be seeing it anytime soon.

The Bad Batch (Limited)

Loren: Too weird for my taste but at least Karl Drogo is getting a ton of work.

RDT: I’m tired. I was out late last night (as I type this) eating dinner at a bacon bar followed by rolled ice cream tacos which had a 2-hour wait. Worth it….? Maybe….? Anyway, I should have thoughts about this trailer. I do not. Carry on.


Jen: Well, I know where Rick will be this weekend. Also, I’m writing this before reading his reaction. A big thumbs up to Keanu Reeves’ mustache.

A Beginners Guide to Snuff (Limited)

Loren: Where to begin with this? I just… I mean… it doesn’t… I want it…. Nah, this isn’t what this movie should be. It’s missing all the major beats of how this movie should go and hitting all the SUPER clichéd ones.

RDT: Comedy should be funny.

Rick: *groan*



I Am a Teacher (Limited)

Loren: That doesn’t look very good. Also, why is the Nazi (was there only one?) speaking Russian?

RDT: Why was there a 2-hour wait for rolled ice cream tacos? Well, the line was ridiculous. The Thrilllist article said you can only get them on Tuesdays. So everyone showed up last night (as I write this). Wrong. They are available whenever. If there isn’t a 2-hour wait, yeah, totally worth it. (Though for you picky eaters, their ice cream options are somewhat outside the box. I recommend the S’mores!) Sweet Cup in Garden Grove, CA.

I have no interest in this movie.

Rick: Negatory.

Jen: I’m all full of WWII dramas for now, thanks.

Inversion (Limited)

Loren: I’m really struggling this week. This movie just seems so out of my wheelhouse. And that trailer, it was mostly just a scene where the main woman’s brother is kinda being a douchebag. I think I’m good.

RDT: What is a bacon bar? Pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a very pub-y restaurant/cafe. Standard to above average bar food (great Cheesy Biscuits and an amazing Grilled Cheese/Brie Sandwich). But they also offer bacon by the slice in 11 different varieties. We tried 6, and I think I liked the Garlic Parmesan and Apple Pie ones the best. The Maple one needed more Maple. Saint Marc in Huntington Beach, CA.

The trailer wouldn’t load, and I think I’m ok with that.

Rick: I feel like I know exactly where this one is going. I’m okay skipping it.

Jen: I love the strong female stories we’re seeing this week! While this one seems to undermine the lead character’s strength, at least we’re seeing her story through her eyes. I mean, I don’t think I’ll get around to seeing it, but I’m glad it exists.

The Journey (Limited)

Loren: I like the cast and it seems to be well put together. I’ll give this the old “if it stays on my radar…” treatment.

RDT: Miles O’Brien looked pretty good. But that other dude just annoyed me. Pass.

Rick: Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney verbally sparring with each other for two hours? Yeah, I’m down.

Jen: I’ve worked on a lot of documentaries relating to The Troubles in the past so I’m familiar with these personalities and this seems like it could be a good, and timely, take on diplomatic wrangling. And, Miles O’Brien!

Michelangelo: Love and Death (Limited)

Loren: I know it’s easier said than done but, I’d rather go see these pieces in person to really get the sense of them. Seeing them in a movie theater feels so cheap.

RDT: Can’t I just look at pictures of this stuff? Or see it in person (like Loren said)? Does it NEED to be a movie?

Rick: I cannot recommend seeing Michelangelo’s David in person highly enough. It’s breathtaking. That said, my hope is that this doc is going to delve more into what surrounded the creation of Michelangelo’s art, not so much the art itself. I’ll keep an eye out for it and see if I’m right.

Jen: Hmmmm, I didn’t get a lot from that trailer. It’s pretty, but what IS it?

Score: A Film Music Documentary (Limited)

Loren: This was made by the company friend of the Podcast/Website AJ works for and I would have put straight to the top of The Doc Doc™ even if we didn’t know someone involved. I absolutely love score music and am fascinated by the process.

RDT: I’m no music guy, but I’m hearing (get it?) great things. I’ll definitely give it a watch.


Jen: 100% IN.

Night School (Limited)

Loren: Not to sound cold but this didn’t really catch me.

RDT: I read Jen’s comment before watching the trailer. Yes, I briefly thought this was going to be a documentary about moving, and was slightly intrigued. Alas, it was not and I am not.

Rick: Why you gotta pull at my heartstrings, Night School? I’ll keep it on my radar.

Jen: Another moving doc. IN.

Raising Bertie (Limited)

Loren: An interesting slice of life in a part of the nation I know very little about. On The Doc Doc™ it goes.

RDT: I kinda just wanna rewatch Friday Night Lights (except season 2).

Rick: What Jen said.

Jen: Damn the doc slate is filling up for the week. IN.



GLOW – Season 1 (Netflix)

Loren: I mean, this is tailor made for me; Alison Brie, Women’s Wrestling, The 80s, Marc Maron being kinda a scummy guy. Plus, it’s getting great reviews. I’ll probably power through the whole thing this weekend.

RDT: Brie is my favorite cheese. Alison Brie is my second favorite human Brie. That math alone will get this in my queue, but it’s also getting pretty good reviews, too! So, yeah, in!




Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press (Netflix)

Loren: This is going to make me SUPER mad. I’m so in for it, it’s not even funny.

RDT: I’m gonna watch the hell out of this just to see, spoiler alert, Gawker get its ass handed to it.

Rick: In.

Jen: You guys, when am I going to watch all these docs? Dammit. In.

You Get Me (Netflix)

Loren: We’re still doing these? Meh.

RDT: Wait, is she one of those former Nick/Disney stars getting all sexy to show how much of an adult she is now? I don’t care. Like Loren said above, we’ve seen this trope done a million times before. I will pass on a million and one.

Rick: It looks so delightfully trashy and predictable I couldn’t help but giggle. I might throw this on for some background entertainment while I clean my apartment.



Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up For The First Time (Netflix)

Loren: I like Rory Scovel but I’m not 100% sold on this. We’ll see.

RDT: I’m familiar with Rory Scovel, but have never seen his stand-up. So, sure, I’ll give it a shot.

Rick: Meh.

Jen: Sure? I’ll give it a spot on the “falling asleep watching Netflix stand up” but I’m not *excited* about it.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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