Episode #74 – I Think I Can Dance Stars

More news, less not news this week. The guys get down to brass tacks (ok they tangent a bunch too) and cover items like:

  • Jake Busey is the son of Gary Busey, both in life and in The Predator
  • The Accountant 2 is moving forward
  • We come up with a way to make a decent sounding 007 shared universe
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle trailer
  • Alec Baldwin will continue to Trump up SNL
  • Kevin Bacon brings Tremors to SyFy… again
  • More Better Call Saul on it’s way
  • Disney wants to f*ck up Herbie
  • Rick and Morty are back on July 30th
  • Netflix caves and gives Sense8 a send off
  • And they also renew Dear White People for a season 2
  • Meet live action George Jetson
  • Affleck is definitely playing Batman in The Batman
  • Wonder Woman passes The Legal Proceeding domestically
  • All the reasons why we aren’t getting a Superman: Red Son movie
  • Tom Holland confirms a fun fan theory putting Spider-Man in the MCU much earlier
  • Spider-Man: Winter Formal will begin minutes after Avengers 4 ends.
  • The Inhumans trailer doesn’t look amazing
  • Deadpool 2 has started shooting, probably both film and bullets
  • Rosario Dawson is out and Alice Braga is in for New Mutants
  • Quicksilver confirmed for Dark Phoenix, maybe he’ll actually have more than one scene
  • Fox sets dates for 6 upcoming X-films, multiple projects per year

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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