Episode #79 – Why are you and I talking about Grey’s Anatomy?

It’s episode #79! (Which means nothing numerically…I guess.) So let’s get into it!

  • You can’t see John Cena, except in Bumblebee
  • What does a new writer mean for Colin Trevorrow’s future on Star Wars: From His Nap?
  • Jafar looks like Jafar!
  • Bruce Willis stars in another shitty movie….probably (read this to see why)
  • The Middle comes to The End
  • Grey’s Anatomy gets some Timeless recasting
  • This Is Stallone
  • Hot Wife dead
  • Based on these 3 shows, All Access seems less and less CBS
  • Flash gets the world’s greatest detective….no, not that one
  • Legends and Arrow both get some tough government agents hunting them down
  • 2 night, 4 shows, all the heroes
  • Supernatural spinoff moving forward again
  • The Ocho! (Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOREN!!!!)
  • Dark Tower: The Series
  • That girl’s so Raven!
  • Cobra Kai, do or die!
  • The Miami and the Vice
  • Why does Batman’s flying thing have Wayne Enterprises logos?
  • Nightwing not ready yet
  • Avengers:Civil War::Justice League:Flashpoint
  • Domino? More like Domi-yes!

All that and all the tangents.

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