Episode #80 – Amorphous In Time

RDT was under the weather this week but that won’t stop us from bringing you all your Pop Culture News needs! Rick steps in to cover and he and Loren talk a whole bunch of news.

  • Alfre Woodard joins photorealistic Lion King remake
  • Milla Jovovich is the big bad in Hellboy
  • Jennifer Garner is…. Lady Taken!
  • Terminator reboot could deal with where the look of the Terminator came from
  • Tim Miller signs up for Neuromancer
  • Katie Holmes to star in movie version of The Secret
  • Shaft re-remake will be an action-comedy?
  • Cowboy/Ninja/Viking gets a release date
  • Bad Boys 3 pulled from the schedule
  • The Munsters return?
  • HIMYM spinoff, HIMYF, back in development again for a 3rd time
  • 24, but without Jack or CTU?
  • Is King of the Hill coming back?
  • Black Lightning casts its villain and he’s a real Moby Dick-head.
  • American Crime Story: Katrina gets new source material & casting
  • HBO offers “bug bounty” payment of $250k to hacker
  • FX gives Snowfall a second season
  • Karl Urban interested in Judge Dredd TV Series
  • GLOW renewed at Netflix, but Gypsy not getting Season 2
  • David Letterman returning to TV w/6-episode Netflix show
  • Coen Bros. are bringing a Western Anthology to Netflix
  • Netflix buys Millarworld
  • Disney launching their own streaming service
  • Snapchat series going to actual TV (in other news: Snapchat produces content)
  • SeeSo is dead Long live SeeSo?
  • Robert Kirkman closes deal with Amazon
  • Wonder Woman Blu Ray details & release date
  • Criterion releasing 100 Years of Olympic Films
  • Justice League reshoots lighten tone
  • James Wan on Aquaman – “water is hard!”
  • Ryan Reynolds drops first look at Cable in Deadpool 2
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming crosses 300m domestic
  • Riz Ahmed cast in Venom playing a “famous” Spider-Man character, but NOT Carnage.
  • Silver & Black get a release date
  • Avengers 4 starts production

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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