Episode #81 – Godzilla has cancer….

RDT returns as we do a deep dive into MoviePass and cover all things pop culture.

  • Super 2pers
  • Obi-Wan, and Jabba the Hutt?, movies coming…?
  • Gr3mlins!
  • One more Bond, James Bond
  • Shaft gets a kid
  • Glass gets a synopsis
  • Godzilla v. Kong: The Legal Proceeding
  • Jetsons picked up to pilot
  • We get(z) more Leo
  • Curb teaser (reveals nothing)
  • Netflix, Apple and Amazon spending BILLIONS on content
  • Amazon also spending…money….on Galaxy Quest
  • Shazam shooting next?
  • Patty gets Wondy, too?
  • Justice League Dark probably won’t be directed by either of these dudes
  • Inhumans – good, fast and cheap.
  • Punisher teaser

All that and all the tangents.

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