Episode #83 – Boobies for Everyone!

This week, the guys wax poetic on all things Parisian, oh and talk some pop culture:

  • Ed Skrein does something right
  • Han Solo gets the Vision
  • Bad Boys 3 back on?
  • Lord Lady of the Flies?
  • Drew Barrymore getting scary again?
  • True Detective, season 3 confirmed
  • Starsky and Hutch may or may not be a sasquatch and an alien
  • Netflix heads to Paris with The Eddy
  • Joss Whedon is officially a co-writer on Justice League
  • Wonder Woman about to be the 5th highest grossing superhero movie of all time
  • Leo being courted for Joker flick (and Jared Leto is not happy)
  • Titans has a Dick, and will have a Hawk and a Dove
  • Misty Knight goes bionic
  • Wasp costume revealed
  • Spike Lee eyed for a superhero movie starring a superhero neither of us have heard of

All that and all the tangents.

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