Episode #84 – That’s A Spot-On Brendan Fraser

RDT and Loren are back again to talk about the week’s pop culture news. They’re covering stories like:

  • RDT finally got his MoviePass card
  •  It sequel officially moving forward
  • Pretty much everyone is vying for the James Bond rights
  • Colin Trevorrow out for Star Wars: Episode 9
  • Rian Johnson reveals who The Last Jedi is… so did SW:TFA
  • Hunter returning… to SHIELD
  • ABC is rebooting Greatest American Hero this time with a female lead
  • CBS adapting LA Confidential as a tv series, will most likely screw it up
  • Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Who ya got!?!?
  • Slade Wilson’s son cast in Arrow, will go by the name Kane Wolfman
  • Roy Harper is coming back to Star City
  • Veep to end after next season
  • Star Wars & Marvel movies will leave Netflix after the launch of the new Disney streaming service
  • Ryan Murphy will ruin a Cuckoo’s Nest prequel series focused on Nurse Ratchet for Netflix
  • Minka Kelly is Dove and Alan Ritchson is Hawk in Titans
  • Suicide Squad 2 taps Gavin O’Connor to Write and Direct
  • Zack Snyder will not be doing any press for Justice League
  • Drew Goddard writing, directing X-Force, will co-star Deadpool and Cable
  • JLaw coming back as Mystique “for the fans”… and buckets of money
  • Venom has been delayed

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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