Episode #86 – Are We Getting Eighty Sixed?

This week, if you think the guys are talking pop-culture with all the usual tangents, well you’d be right. They’re talking stories like:

  • Original Sarah Connor returns for Cameron/Miller’s Terminator (actually) 3
  • Loren broke down the new Tomb Raider trailer
  • Jumanji also got a new trailer
  • Daniel Craig thinks he knows who the next Bond director should be
  • Riverdale’s Archie gets into a late night accident
  • The Sabrina spinoff moves along
  • This year’s Flarrowverse crossover will take place on Earth X and feature The Ray
  • The Deuce gets a deuce
  • Watchmen is picked up to pilot at HBO
  • Sean Penn heads to Hulu of all places
  • More Bojack on it’s way
  • Get ready to see the Fast and Furious live in a town near you
  • Vader and The Kessle Run might muck up Han Solo
  • The Last Jedi has wrapped post production
  • Disney allegedly had to buy out JJ’s contract for six figures
  • The Joker standalone movie almost has a script
  • WB screened Justice League to applause?
  • Wonder Woman is probably in Flashpoint
  • Inhumans is probably just a one off… that’s fine
  • Brie Larson shows up on set for Avengers 4
  • Punisher trailer
  • Matthew Vaughn would be up to doing another Fantastic 4 reboot
  • And finally some Gambit plot details

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