Weekend Watch – 10/13/2017

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Foreigner

Loren: I’m interested in this for serious Jackie Chan but I want it to look better. It won’t be in the theater but I’ll check this out down the road for sure.

RDT: I’m definitely intrigued by this. I’m only really familiar with comedy Jackie Chan. I’m way behind on movies right now, so probably not in the theater. But yeah, it’ll stay in my radar.

Rick: It’s nice to see the more serious side of Jackie Chan come to U.S. theaters. He’s made plenty of movies with this type of tone in Hong Kong (the Police Story series is a standout), but most of them rarely even hit video stateside. Count me in.

Jen: I probably won’t see this, but I must admit it looks good. I’m glad to see the range on Jackie Chan that I, for one, didn’t know existed. Well done, sir.

Happy Death Day

Loren: This looks dumb, but I think that’s kinda the point. Another one that I’m not rushing out to the theater to check out but if it comes across my path, say at a movie night at Rick’s house, I might be inclined.

RDT: I don’t want to want to see this, but I kinda want to see this. Dumb, I know. I won’t pay for it though. If (when) it shows up streaming, I’ll give it a watch.

Rick: So, Groundhog Birthday? Sorry, but if you’re the lead in this movie and you figure out what’s happening say, after the second reset, this is the solution: you Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street this shit and booby trap the hell out of wherever you’re holding up; preferably a room with one door. You acquire any and all weapons and supplies you can, and wait for creepy baby mask person to show up. The only way this concept has legs is if this happens to the lead while they’re in a foreign country and they don’t know the language. Even then, my original solution still applies. Also: Pass.

Jen: I’m surprised to say this, but I totally agree with RDT. Call me when you’re going to watch it and I’ll join you on your couch.


Loren: Was that Mrs. Murtaugh stepping out on Roger? Oh, the movie, yeah it looks pretty ok and is a subject that is really interesting and important right now. I’m hoping it’s better than that trailer makes it look.

RDT: It’s an interesting story, and I love most of the cast (sorry, Josh Gad), but I did not enjoy that trailer at all. It’s got an odd vibe to it. Still, I’ll likely check it out eventually.

Rick: One of the best things about Selma was, instead of trying to jam the entirety of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life into one movie, they picked a seminal event and focused on it. It allowed for an incredible amount of depth in both character and context. This looks to be taking a similar approach and, hopefully, it’ll be the better than the trailer makes it look.

Jen: My husband and I watched this trailer together and at the end he said, “I don’t know if it’ll be good or not,” which is unhelpfully vague, but sort of how I felt. I’m excited for the cast and story, but it almost looks too slick? I’m willing to give it a go to find out.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Loren: This is something I knew a little bit about and I’m not sure I need a 90 minute dramatization of it to entertain me. Maybe if I hear it’s amazing, but probably not.

RDT: I feel like I should want to see that, but it didn’t really enthrall me. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, but for now, I think I’ll stick to the comics (and maybe the article linked by Rick below).

Rick: I read an excellent article about this a few years ago in Smithsonian Magazine. Considering how in depth it was, I’m not sure I need to watch the movie.

Jen: I am going to read that article ASAP. But first, let me say that I am surprised how unexcited we all are about a movie about a comic book author in a long term threesome.

Limited Release

Bad Blood


RDT: Well doesn’t that just look terrible.

Rick: Hey, guys? Troma called from 1993 and asked for their movie back, but want you to take yourselves A LOT less seriously. K? Great.

Jen: I thought Taylor Swift would be in this, no?

Bending the Arc

Loren: The only part I didn’t like about the trailer is when they compare their own story to a movie. Totally took me out of it.

RDT: A story worth telling, sure. But just not for me.

Rick: Undoubtedly a compelling story, but I can’t decide if I’d rather read an article or watch this doc…

Jen: A look at something positive in the world? I might need this as a palate cleanser to watching the news.

Blood Money

Loren: Is John Cusack Nicolas Cage now?

RDT: At this point, I have to ask: Has John Cusack paid his taxes?

Rick: Ugh. Lucky McKee (May, The Woman) directed this? No thanks.


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Blood Stripe

Loren: Woah.

RDT: Wow. A hell of a trailer. Yeah, I’ll keep it on my radar and give it a watch eventually.

Rick: Things you never see: movies about women who come home from war and how they cope. That’s enough to get me to watch.

Jen: Who is that actress? This looks fantastic. I’m in.


Loren: That sure does look like a movie trying to win awards. It ticks off all the checkmarks. I doubt I’ll ever see this.

RDT: Oscar Bait: The Movie

Rick: Thanks, Trailer. You told me the entire story. Now I don’t need to see that movie.

Jen: I’m with Rick. What’s left to see? We saw the whole thing in that trailer.


Loren: I’m confused. Is that a documentary or a narrative film? Either way, they look like sweet people but I don’t know that this is something I’ll sit down to watch.

RDT: I feel like if I knew these people in real life they would annoy the shit out of me. For a two hour movie though? Maybe, maybe not.

Rick: That looks endlessly sweet. Count me in.

Jen: I’m fascinated by this couple and can’t wait to check this one out.

Faces Places

Loren: Fascinating. I love the pairing of these two. Count me in.

RDT: I’m good, thanks.

Rick: Agnés Varda is a key figure in the dawn of the French New Wave (Cleo from 5 to 7 is probably her most recognized work), and has been working in film since the 1950s. She’s incredibly talented and charming and I can’t wait to see this.

Jen: This looks sweet, but I feel like it might slip to the bottom ot the doc list.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Loren: Is this the most British movie of all time? Probably not, but it feels like it is. I don’t think I need to know how General Hux created Winnie the Pooh and Harley Quinn almost fucked it all up while the Suffragette from Boardwalk Empire made speeches to right wrongs.

RDT: I know nothing of this story, yet, like Rick said below, it feels soooo familiar. And also like Rick said below, I’ll pass, unless the reviews are amazing.

Rick: I love all the actors involved, but it’s difficult to get past the fact that this feels almost exactly like Finding Neverland with Winnie the Pooh swapped in. Unless it gets stellar reviews, I think I’m okay.

Jen: Why do I feel a sense of dread watching this? Why do we have to say Goodbye to Christopher Robin? What horrible fate will befall him? I’m going to pass on this one, but will watch some Winnie the Pooh cartoons with my daughter. Side note, she calls him “Pooh-a the Bear”.


Loren: Wait, is THIS movie not a documentary? I thought we already did this one. I’m very confused again.

RDT: I thought they hated it when you called a fraternity a “frat.”

Rick: Isn’t this just the movie Goat that we covered last year? Pass.

Jen: Meh. Hazing is bad. There doesn’t seem to be an interesting spin to this that would make me want to sit through two hours of abuse.

The Lost Tree

Loren: What the hell is happening to Henry Rowengartner? This looks terrible. Like it was shot on an iPhone terrible.

RDT: This feels like a Jesus-movie trying not to be a Jesus-movie. Whether it is or it isn’t, I’m out.

Rick: I couldn’t even finish the trailer. If your main character is dumb enough to hang out in a place that unleashed a malevolent swarm locust from clearly scorched earth, grieving about his dead wife or not, I am skipping your movie.

Jen: It feels weird that a film school freshman would be able to get Lacey Chabert and Michael Madsen for a Film I project.


Loren: I’m interested but I want to know if it’s good first. The subject matter is intense and should be treated as such.

RDT: Not as in as Rick, but it looks like an interesting take on a revenge tale. Maybe…?

Rick: *hands over money* One, please.

Jen: I can’t tell if this is eye-opening or exploitative. I’m going to have to wait and see.


Loren: This almost feels like it’s taking the horrific world of Sex Trafficking lightly. I don’t know, this trailer left a pretty terrible taste in my mouth.

RDT: The only thing that seems even remotely accurate in that trailer is the stat on sex trafficking. There’s definitely a story there that needs telling, but this doesn’t look like the movie to do it.

Rick: First of all, you get a one day warning that you’re aging out of foster care? Give me a break. Two, this movie feels like a fugitive from the 70s. It has all of the hallmarks of nearly every WIP (Women In Prison) flick from that era. I kept waiting for Dyanne Thorne to show up. Regardless, it’s a modern exploitation movie, but one I’m not super keen on seeing.

Jen: Nope.



The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Loren: This didn’t grab me. I don’t think I’ll take the time.

RDT: I’m more miss than hit with Noah Baumbach and I can’t stand Ben Stiller, but I do enjoy Adam Sandler when he actually gives a shit plus Dustin Hoffman. So, maybe….?

Rick: I think if Noah Baumbach (Kicking and Screaming, The Squid and the Whale) weren’t involved, I’d pass on this. Even still, it’s a curiosity watch to see how Adam Sandler fares in the first drama he’s done in about a decade. In the queue it goes.

Jen: I have no complaints about this I just probably won’t ever watch it is all.


Mindhunter – Season 1

Loren: This looks like the much better version of Criminal Minds that we all deserve. Yes please.


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Rick: You had me at David Fincher.

Jen: King George himself, Jonathan Groff? Swoon! Hmmm, who’d have thought a show about serial killers would get me to swoon? This looks great, I’m in.

Christina P: Mother Inferior

Loren: Meh.

RDT: I laughed a little.

Rick: Meh.

Jen: I’m a mom but I haven’t really grown into the “mom humor” thing yet. Pass.


Chance – Season 2

Loren: I’ve had Hulu for years and have never really gotten into their originals. There’s so many others to go through before I would get to this one.

RDT: Need to watch season 1 first.

Rick:  I was interested in the first season when it dropped, but wasn’t willing to pay for Hulu to watch. I’m having a rather clunky run with Sling, so I’m giving Hulu a test drive. I’ve already added Chance to my watchlist.

Jen: Hugh Laurie is a very attractive man and the first season teased a lot of sexytimes, but I just never made time for it. Now that Season 2 is out, perhaps, I can, ahem, give it a chance.

I Love You, America – Season 1

Loren: I think Sarah Silverman can be very funny and I back the message here but that was too long and annoying. I don’t even understand what this show is. I’m out.

RDT: I saw Sarah Silverman do stand-up once many years ago, very early in her career. It was honestly one of the funniest sets I’ve ever seen. And she hasn’t lived up to it since. Pass.

Rick: Not a big Sarah Silverman fan, especially when she serves up a nearly five minute long song as her show’s only trailer. Pass.

Jen: I go back and forth on Sarah Silverman, however, political Sarah Silverman is my favorite Sarah Silverman. I assume that’s not the case for most people. I’ll give this a try but my hopes are high and this trailer really doesn’t give me much to work with.



White Famous – Season 1

Loren: That looks pretty funny, but I don’t have Showtime anymore. Guess I’m missing out on this one.

RDT: My uncle canceled Showtime and I already pay for HBO Now. Regardless of quality (it looks ok), I’m gonna have to pass.

Rick: What Jen says.

Jen: I like Jay Pharoh but I wanted this to be funnier. This feels like a great commentary on race in Hollywood but also like it could quickly slip into “Black Entourage”.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, Rick, and Jen

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