Episode #90 – Never Tell Me The Odds

Once again the guys are here to talk all the week’s pop culture news. They’ve got stories like:

  • Pacific Rim could crossover with Kongzillaverse
  • Arnie expects Triplets to shoot next year
  • T6 to shoot in March
  • CBS is developing a different Magnum reboot
  • CW developing a Traci 13 show, whatever that is
  • Alison Brie lets us know GLOW season 2 starts production
  • New Punisher Trailer
  • Titans finds its Beast Boy
  • Dark Tower series looking to be a full reboot
  • The Han Solo movie gets an official title. It’s what you thought
  • Episode 9 to wrap up all 3 trilogies?
  • Looks like Fincher passed on Force Awakens
  • Justice League runtime confirmed at a mere 121 minutes
  • Aquaman has wrapped
  • SHAZAM confirmed for April, 2019
  • Ty Simpkins back for Avengers 4. Who?
  • Rumors of the Russo’s departing start creeping up
  • Feige doesn’t think another solo Hulk film will happen

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #90 – Never Tell Me The Odds

  1. The original King Kong came out in 1933. Also, those bone creatures in Skull Island are no relation to the Mutos in Godzilla. And by the by, did you ever watch the recut of Godzilla I gave you, RDT?

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