Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017 Cosplay!

Last year I said this about Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con:

Last weekend L.A. got their very own Comic Con thanks to Stan (The Man) Lee. This year’s updated Comikaze felt much more like a true Comic Con, even if the panels are still on the main floor. More organized, larger, and what felt like more Con-goers than ever before.

The same rings true this year, but you know, more. If they keep growing they can easily rival the WonderCons of this world and get even closer to San Diego and New York status. There are still a few organizational flaws that I would change and I definitely would move the “Main Stage” from the show floor but that does set SLLACC apart from other cons.

One of the best parts about this convention being so close to Halloween is that the Cosplay is pretty damn outstanding. Here’s some of the best we saw:

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con Cosplay 2017

We’d once again like to thank Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con and all of the Cosplayers for making this another great experience. We’ll be back next year.

From Hollywood,
– Loren

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