Weekend Watch – 11/22/17

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: When Pixar is good, it’s great. I’m hoping that this falls in line. It looks pretty stellar.

RDT: I tend to see most (sorry, Cars 2 & ) Pixar movies. Maybe not in the theater, but I’ll definitely see it eventually.


Oh, wait. Is this not about WWF legend, Koko B Ware? Well, I guess I’ll still give it a shot.

The Darkest Hour

Loren: That Gary Oldman is pretty good, huh? I’m not sure that I’m into the movie per se, but his performance could get me to see it.

RDT: Dracula, Sirius Black, Commissioner Gordon, Beethoven (just to name a few) and now Winston Churchill. Gary Oldman is crazy talented and that will get me to see this…eventually.

Rick: Jesus, Gary Oldman can vanish into any role. I swear he’s going to wind up starring as Meryl Streep in her inevitable biopic.

Limited Release


Loren: Are we following Nazi sympathizers as the main characters here?

RDT: This one is not for me.

Rick: I think I know where this story is going, but if it stays on my radar I’ll give it a go.


Loren: I…Is…I mean…I got nothing.

RDT: Well…that looks different…

Rick: This is weird. I like weird. Thankfully this is also available on-demand so I can enjoy the weird from the comfort of my couch.

Call Me By Your Name

Loren: Maybe it’s just because the lead looks so young, but this felt a little predatory to me. Or maybe that’s the point.

RDT: Another one not for me.

Rick: Screenplay by James Ivory? Way to bury the lead, trailer. Regardless, this looks beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m in.

A Gray State

Loren: Nah.

RDT: Meh?

Rick: That trailer isn’t strong. I feel like know too much about the story and not enough all at once. I think I’d rather read the wiki.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Loren: Does Legion have a boat or something? This is just such a tired concept, and talk about bad titles. No thanks.

RDT: I feel like we’ve seen a variation on this story a whole bunch before (author before he becomes famous…). So, yeah, I’d rather watch the actual movies.



Loren: Sadly, it’s hard for me to watch anything “new” with Anton Yelchin now and not get sad and think about how we lost such a talent. As for this, I doubt I’ll ever get around to it.

RDT: Not as in as Rick, but I’ll give it a shot, sure. (Also, now I want Porto’s.)

Rick: Yes. Yes, please.

Rebels On Pointe

Loren: I feel like this is something The Lady™ will be super into. For me, I think I’d rather go see the performance than see the doc.

RDT: Not my scene, jellybean.

Rick: I had no idea this ballet company existed, but am delighted that it does. On the list it goes.


Loren: Is she like lesbian Carrie or something?

RDT: Where’s Louise???

Rick: I’ve been anxious to see this since it debuted in Toronto back in September. Definitely in.



Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers

Loren: Regan’s style of comedy is not my style of comedy. Pass.

RDT: Brian Regan has been described as “a comedian’s comedian”, but I’ve just never clicked with his style. Something just doesn’t resonate for me. Maybe his delivery? Dunno. I may give it a shot, but likely not.

Rick: Eeeh. Maybe for background while folding laundry.

Frontier – Season 2

Loren: I’m not necessarily surprised this show got a season 2, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna watch it.

RDT: I haven’t seen season 1…

Rick: This is still a show, huh? Good for them.


Godless – Season 1

Loren: Dope. I’m in.

RDT: Not a huge Western guy, but I’ll give it a shot nonetheless.



She’s Gotta Have It

Loren: This looks good and all, but I doubt I’ll ever get around to it.

RDT: I’ve never seen the original movie, so I feel like I should watch that first.

Rick: I remember seeing the movie eons ago and liking it, but not being blown away. Making that story into a series is almost a no-brainer. It’ll give everything room to breathe and build out the characters better than the feature could. I’ll give it a go.



Marvel’s Runaways – Season 1

Loren: The lady and I started this Monday night after it dropped. It’s been pretty good so far and it leans very close to its source material. I’ll stick with it.

RDT: I’m diving in on this once I finish Punisher. Like Rick below, I’m feeling the superhero fatigue a little, but this feels just different enough for me.

Rick: I’m definitely suffering from superhero fatigue. I’ve given up on all of the CW series, Agents of SHIELD, and I’m outright ignoring The Gifted. Despite The Punisher being a breath of fresh air, the Marvel Netflix shows are starting to wear out the welcome, too. Unless this gets big critical notices, I think I’m good.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, The Lady™, and Jen

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