Episode #100 – Keepin’ It (100 Emoji)!

Can you believe it? We’ve made a hundred of these things! Though as not to stand on ceremony the guys still have you covered on all things pop culture on this quiet week between X-Mas and New Years. This week they’re talking:

  • More info from Jurassic World: Fallen Kindom
  • SyFy’s Krypton show premieres in March
  • White Famous gets the boot
  • Loren called it, Mad About You might get a revival
  • AMC thinking about asking you to pay more for good seats
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 has it’s release date leaked
  • New fake International image from Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • John Williams to score theme for Solo.
  • The Last Jedi passes $1B
  • Rian Johnson’s new trilogy reportedly to start filming Summer 2018 in Scotland
  • And Sarah Paulson is angling to be Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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