Weekend Watch – 01/05/2018

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Insidious: The Last Key

Loren: Key fingers just don’t seem that scary to me. Good for Lin Shaye to get a franchise later in life though.

RDT: I rarely watch good horror movies. So, why would I waste my time with this?

Rick: Man, they just can’t stop shitting out sequels to this poor man’s version of Poltergeist. Please let this be the last one.

Jen: Wow, so there are four of these now? Does the “Last” in the title indicate they won’t be making more? Somehow I doubt it. I look forward to Insidious 5: The Search for More Money, thanks.

Limited Release


Loren: My only problem here (because this does look compelling) is that it seems to be romanticising the teacher/student relationship thing. That’s kinda not cool.

RDT: I might check it out. Or I might completely forget about it.

Rick: Not really hiding the fact that it’s a modern retelling of The Crucible, is it? Nevertheless, I might take this one in from my living room if it stays on my radar.

Jen: One of my New Year’s resolutions is to see more movies. So far, this week, this is the leading contender. I like Chris Messina and I watched the trailer all the way through without surfing away, so that’s a plus – not a strong plus, but a plus.

On Body and Soul

Loren: If nothing else, I’d like to win a Golden Bear at some point. Nevertheless, I probably will never see this movie.

RDT: I’ve been called a Golden Bear before, Loren. Maybe if you’re nice, I’ll let you win me.

Rick: If nothing else it looks beautiful. Unless reviews are strong I may skip this one.

Jen: This is interesting. It pops up on a lot of autism-related boards and such since the female lead has some Asperger-like behaviors, but it doesn’t use that as a selling point, or even a discussion point, which I think is awesome. That alone might be worth me checking this out.

The Strange Ones

Loren: I wasn’t so sure at first but it got me by the end. If I don’t end up seeing this, maybe it’ll become one of Rick’s Horrorfest choices.

RDT: Based solely on the comments of my HPN cohorts, I will pass. Thanks!

Rick: Looks creepy as hell. *gives over all the monies*

Jen: This looks creepy and mystery-box-like, which is usually up my alley, but something about it almost lulled me to sleep. I’m a maybe on this one.



Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – Season 10

Loren: I find Stand Ups to be fascinating. This is such a fun dive into who they are. I’m glad it’ll be getting more play now that it’s on Netflix. In.

RDT: I’m in for this, trailer not needed.

Rick: This series has been good from the beginning, and I can’t imagine it’ll take a dive now that it’s on Netflix. Looks like they’re getting the entire back catalogue, too.

Jen: Everything Rick said applies here. I’m ready to strap in for more.

Devilman: Crybaby – Season 1

Loren: I don’t see myself seeing this, but I’m sure The Lady™’s roommate will be all about it.

RDT: Yeah, not for me. Thanks!

Rick: Devilman debuted in the early 70s and been a mainstay in various media (manga, books, animated series/OVAs) ever since. This latest incarnation is an update of the original manga series and, from what I’ve read, it’s a solid interpretation. I’ll give it go.

Jen: It’s nice my dad will have something to watch that will stream directly to his TV/laptop.


The End of the F***ing World – Season 1

Loren: Well that seemed delightfully dark. In.

RDT: If I remember to watch it, I’ll watch it.

Rick: Yes. I think I may knock this out in one sitting.

Jen: Sure, why not?

Lovesick – Season 3

Loren: I normally get down on some British TV (I’m right there with Jen on Coupling, that show was great) and The Lady™ really likes this show, but this does nothing for me.

RDT: What Rick said.

Rick: Remember when this was called Scrotal Recall back in its first season? No? Just me? Didn’t watch it then, not going to watch it now.

Jen: Watching this trailer makes me want to go back and watch BBC’s Coupling. That was an excellent show.

Rotten – Season 1

Loren: Nope. This isn’t one of those shows that’s going to tell you not to eat meat. This is one that’ll tell you not to eat anything. Ignorance is bliss as far as I’m concerned.

RDT: Meh. These food docs never stick with me long term. I’ll pass.

Rick: Is it me, or isn’t this just Food, Inc.?

Jen: Yes, Rick. Yes it is.



The Chi – Season 1

Loren: This gives me a modern day The Wire vibe. It looks pretty damn excellent. If I had Showtime I’d give it a shot.

RDT: What Loren said.

Rick: It looks incredibly well made. Showtime posted the pilot for free on YouTube. I may give this a shot.

Jen: Lena Waith and Common. Not a bad pedigree. This feels like something that might be worth getting Showtime for.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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