Episode #101 – Where are you, Candace Bailey?

Heading down the 101 to talk all things pop culture! Woo woo!!!!

  • Cloverfield 3, or whatever they call it, on the move again
  • We’ll get to see Young Sheldon get a little older
  • The Gifted is the gift that will keep on giving
  • New Girl jumps ahead as she comes back
  • First look at Thunder from Black Lightning
  • Stephen Dorff is not on golf, but will be on True Detective
  • Game of Thrones will return eventually
  • Nightflyers to start flying
  • FX returns to Fargo and motorcycles
  • AppleFlix? NetApple?
  • Brighter
  • Sabrina Draper: Mad Witch
  • Nurse Ratched will eventually face off against Randall P. McMurphy
  • Animaniacs are coming back!
  • Rey’s parents now may be important, or still not, whatever
  • DCEU gets a new boss, again
  • Wonder Woman 2 will be totes different
  • Clair Temple returns!
  • X-Force moves forward as Dr. Doom stalls out

All that and the usual tangents.

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