Episode #102 – No Tangents, Part 2

And we’re back! Here to talk Star Wars, DCEU, Marvel and what we watched.

  • More Obi Wan movie talk confirms nothing about Obi Wan movie
  • Is Star Wars the new fucked universe?
  • John Williams to score From His Nap
  • Lindsay Lohan, and only Lindsay Lohan, wants to be Batgirl
  • Some SHAZAM updates that I’m too lazy to type out individually
  • Green Lantern Corps still in development
  • Joe Morton, and maybe only Joe Morton, wants a Cyborg movie
  • Less cooks in the DC/WB kitchen
  • Black Panther is going to be huge!
  • Black Widow may finally fly solo
  • Lauren Shuler Donner happy to join the MCU
  • Fox developing a Kitty Pryde movie that will never get made
  • Gambit also never to be made
  • Fox shifts X-release dates
  • Tom Hardy in Venom looks like Tom Hardy

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