Episode #103 – The Need for Creed

Loren is still out and (walk)about with the Lady(I still don’t know how to do the TM). So, we have another lady(non-TM) Jen stepping in. 

  • Creed 2: Rocky 8
  • Danny McBride is, maybe, we think, the son of “Crocodile” Dundee….?
  • Ken Watanabe joins Ryan Reynolds in Pokemon movie ‘Detective Pikachu’ (is a sentence I never thought I’d write.)
  • Super Troopers 2 trailer
  • ROM and MASK movies dead
  • Jordan Peele retires….from acting
  • Spielberg mulling his next project
  • Sword in the Stone added to Disney’s bucket (bucket?) of live-action remakes
  • Academy Award nominations drop…today (also, it’s my birthday)
  • Inhumans officially, for reals this time, canceled
  • Bad Boys spinoff, Bad….Females?, goes to pilot
  • Kid Flash moving to Legends, Loren and I are smart
  • JJ Abrams coming back to TV
  • Joel McHale coming to Netflix in “Not The Soup”
  • Pegg and Frost making a funnier version, we hope, of Ghosted which was supposed to be a funnier version of X-Files
  • In a surprising twist, young Han Solo movie to be about young Han Solo
  • Two more future ex-directors of The Flash movie are in talks to direct the The Flash movie
  • We may have a wizard in SHAZAM
  • Who else is in Venom?

All that and the usual tangents return.

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