Episode #110 – The Hollywood Picture News Hosted by the Hosts of the Hollywood Picture News

This week, the boys rally to bring you all the pop culture news. All of it!!!!!

  • Maverick shoots this summer for next summer release?
  • Michael Bay’s next 2 movies are not Transformers
  • What’s before a Soprano?
  • Vin Diesel will play a superhero not named Dom Toretto
  • Spawn Sam & Twitch shooting this spring/summer
  • Grinch trailer
  • Dune 1 and 2?
  • Legion season 2 trailer
  • Pantsuits a go!
  • More Krypton info
  • Luke Cage season 2 will not lead into Defenders season 2 because nothing will lead into Defenders season 2
  • Netflix gets EXTREME!!!!!
  • Lost in Space trailer
  • Norm MacDonald gets his own show
  • Obamas to become part of the Hollywood elite
  • Nick Offerman has Good Omens
  • Jon Favreau going to a tv galaxy far, far away
  • SHAZAM pic (now w/more mustache)
  • Kristen Wiig, Cheetah
  • Tom Cruise, Green Lantern of 2814
  • Joker movie info
  • Infinity War is long
  • and Black Panther is rich
  • New New Mutant
  • X-Men look like X-Men

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