Episode #117 – Honestly, you should probably just skip this one…

Loren’s out this week, as are the usual cohorts and cohosts. So, RDT is flying solo!

  • John Wick 3: Halle Berry 1
  • SJ Clarkson trekking to the stars
  • A Quieter Place….?
  • The Terminator
  • Lethal Weapon holstered?
  • Syfy picks up Another Life but passes on Tremors
  • Things get Stranger for season 3 (of Stranger Things)
  • Jack Ryan picked up for season 2 already
  • Alden Ehrenreich will continue to be Han Solo
  • Star Wars: Resistance is the new animated series
  • Some pointless DCEU bits
  • Venom trailer
  • Some not as pointless MCU bits
  • Black Widow narrowing down directors
  • Infinity War makes all the money

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