Episode #118 – Infinity War and Technical Difficulties

The guys are back after RDT’s solo adventure last week and are talking Avengers: Infinity War. They also go over some of the other news that happened over the course of the week. Stories like:

  • Fast 9 heads to Africa?
  • Jamie Foxx the new Spawn?
  • Stallone coming back for Rambo 5
  • He-Man details
  • DC’s streaming service to be called DC Universe
  • Swamp Thing heads to DC Universe
  • DC/SyFy redeveloping Metropolis
  • Solo tracking to open at $170MM and officially been rated PG-13
  • Ryan Reynolds confirms TJ Miller out for X-Force
  • Infinity War crossed $1B in 11 days
  • Infinity War Thoughts/Spoilers @ 55:20

All that, the Weekly Watched, and the usual tangents!

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2 thoughts on “Episode #118 – Infinity War and Technical Difficulties

  1. Hey guys. I thought I would write to you here instead of continuing to blow up Loren’s FaceBook Messenger. A few quick thought:

    1) Ryan, you and I don’t know each other, but I think you’re being too hard on yourself about the solo episode you did. It was fine. Kind of like the Han Solo movie, come to think of it: Not the best episode ever, but certainly not going to derail the franchise.

    2) About Infinity War—is it okay to talk spoilers in a comments section? Because I’m going to. If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now…

    So a point that I’m surprised that you guys didn’t make and I actually haven’t read anywhere is that the movie already told us how all of the heroes will come back. We already SAW a dead hero resurrected. Vision was dead, and Thanos used the Time Stone to turn back time. (Not so) coincidentally, that is exactly how all the heroes are brought back to life in the comics version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Obviously, who does this (Nebula and Tony) and how they get their hands on the Time Stone (trickery) is up in the air, but it seems pretty obvious to me that that is how it’s going to happen. But since they telegraphed this so much and since they killed off characters that we all know are now going to stay dead, I was thinking they might come back early in the movie…we might even see a few of them in the trailers. And my guess for the spoilery title of the next installment: Avengers: Resurrection.

    3) I can’t wait until you guys get caught up on Westworld because it’s my favorite show. It’s like Lost, except better in literally every conceivable way.

    4) I’m back in America for the rest of the year, so if you’re in DC let me know, because I owe you a few drinks for all the podcast enjoyment you guys bring me every week.

    1. Did I forget to reply to this? I totally forgot to reply to this.

      1.) Thank you for the kind words. Still, it’ll never happen again.

      2.) I’ve read that theory elsewhere as well. It’s pretty good, but I think it may be too spot on, you know? Almost too easy? All I know is every theory we had going into IW was wrong. And that makes me all the more excited for the next one.

      3.) I started catching up, but fell asleep. (I’m very old.) I’ll give it another shot before the end of the week.

      4.) Unless Trump nominates me for a cabinet position, which, at this point, isn’t as unlikely as you might think, I have no DC plans coming up. Can’t speak for Loren. Appreciate the offer nonetheless.

      Thanks for listening AND commenting!


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