Episode #121 – I respectfully disagree…

We’re back, talking Solo (spoilers @ 01:17:20) and all the other pop culture news worth mentioning.

  • Comcast has a lot of cash to burn….
  • Transformers 7 pulled from the schedule
  • MIVB synopsis and casting
  • Mowgli trailer
  • Hotel Artemis – Red Band Trailer
  • Chris Pine is not Ben Hanscomb
  • LA to Vegas the last of the network bloodbath?
  • More Krypton and Baskets on the way
  • Watchmen the series will not end with a giant vagina monster
  • Expanse officially revived
  • Hanna and her parents?
  • Ryan Reynolds and 5 other dudes are Batman
  • Thanks, Obama Productions
  • SHAZAM revealed… again, but it’s official this time, except it’s not because Zach Levi pulled it down.
  • Boba Fett news and Solo thoughts (again spoilers @ 01:17:20)

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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