Episode #124 – Just A Quick One

The guys were super busy this week so they burned through the news quicker than ever. But don’t worry they still covered everything that happened in the world of Pop Culture. They talked news like:

  • Gal Gadot joins cast of Red Notice
  • Dumbo teaser trailer
  • Full Grinch trailer
  • Ewan McGregor to star in Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining
  • Comcast officially offers $65B in cash for Fox
  • Apple might start making movies
  • The Incredibles 2 makes a ton of money
  • Gotti gets 0% on RT
  • Plastic Elongated Man upped to regular for season 5 of The Flash
  • Jeremy Jordan bumped down to recurring for season 4 of Supergirl, Brainy upped to full time cast member
  • MTV rebooting Aeon Flux as a live action show
  • Jack Ryan trailer
  • Glow season 2 trailer
  • Lucifer saved, gets a 4th season at Netflix
  • ST:Discovery show runners out. Kurtzman in
  • Oprah signs with Apple
  • E3 Winners and Losers
  • Geoff Johns booted from DC Entertainment, will still write/produce The Green Lantern Corps movie
  • Chris Pine returns for Wonder Woman 1984
  • Aquaman poster and more Aquastuff
  • Capt. Marvel will be the face of the MCU in phase

All that plus: The Weekly Watched, listener Greg has a Bond problem, and all the usual tangents.

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