Weekend Watch – 06/29/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Loren: I should really see the first one. That’s supposed to be good. This looks fine, but I’m finding it really hard to get past the way Benicio Del Toro shoots his gun. That looks really stupid.

RDT: I thought Sicario was great. So this is really high up on my list (though Loren’s not wrong about the gun thing). That being said, I still haven’t seen Incredibles 2. As such, Day of the Soldado may take a backseat.

The Lady™: Hahahahah, what?! Who shoots like that? Also, I couldn’t care less about cartel movies.

Rick: BDT is “bump firing” his gun. It’s something that’s usually done on semi-auto rifles with a special stock that essentially makes the gun fully automatic (that’s also why those stocks are illegal). Doing this with a handgun is pretty unsafe and lowers your accuracy, but you can spray a lot of bullets quickly. Also, I’m in for this.

Jen: Is this going to break down on gender lines? The Lady and I are in solid agreement on this one. I guess this will be a boys night out event.

Uncle Drew

Loren: This is going to be awful but I’ll admit I laughed at a couple of jokes the first time I saw this trailer. Now though, nothing. Guess you have to be in the right mood. Don’t know when that will be again.

RDT: First of all, I had no idea this was based on a commercial?!?!?! Second, I couldn’t care less about basketball. So, yeah, I’m out.

The Lady™: No offense to Amy Poehler, I absolutely cannot stand Nick Kroll. Pass.

Rick: Nope. Not in the slightest.

Jen: This feels like something I stream after ingesting a large edible, but not something I’d pay for, bring it on streaming and local dispensary!

Leave No Trace

Loren: There are a lot of stories about PTSD out there but I like the way this one is handling it. It looks like an interesting take on it, and really well acted. Who would have thought that the kid who played a shitty version of Angel in X-Men 3 would go on to be such a good actor?

RDT: Loren, “the kid who played a shitty version of Angel in X-Men 3,” aka Ben Foster, has pretty much always been a good actor. Sure, there are a few spotty choices on the resume, but definitely more good than bad. That being said, I liked this trailer a lot. It reminded me a little of (a more dramatic/realistic, less-Jason Bourne version of) Hanna. I may not catch it in the theaters, but I’ll keep it on the old radar.

The Lady™: I’ve had a huge crush on Ben Foster since I was eleven, when he starred in the Disney Channel original series Flash Forward. That being said, I don’t want to see this in theaters. No one needs to see/hear me ugly cry. But as soon as it hits streaming, I’m all over this.

Rick: It’s nice to see Ben Foster playing a more sympathetic role again. Count me in.

Jen: Since everyone else focused on Ben Foster, I’ll point out that the young girl in this looks like an amazing actress in her own right. This looks solid, not something I’m running to the theater for, but it’s on the radar for sure.

Limited Release

Woman Walks Ahead

Loren: Westerns are big again. This has some serious cachet behind it. I’ll try to keep it on my radar.

RDT: I’m not a huge western guy, but A24 plus Jessica Chastain? Yeah, I’m in, eventually.

The Lady™: Am I super into Westerns now? This looks utterly fantastic.

Rick: I’m loving this surge of female-led Westerns. This will be worth checking out in the theater.

Jen: I am not a fan of Westerns but I am 100% in for this.

Three Identical Strangers

Loren: Normally this would be something I’d just wiki and move on but something about it grabbed me. I think I’ll check it out.

RDT: Oh yeah, that’s a great trailer. I’m super curious. I’ll definitely give it a watch. To the top of my non-tm Doc Doc it goes.

The Lady™: Oh yes!! Yes yes yes. Not only do twins freak me out, but the story itself is spooky, and weird, and conspiracy filled! So totally in!

Rick: Eeeh. I think I’d rather read an article about this.

Jen: Everything I’ve heard about this makes me want to check it out as soon as possible! And for once, I will avoid spoilers at all costs!

This Is Congo

Loren: To what I can only assume is quoting RDT: “Too many docs.”

RDT: What Loren said.

The Lady™: What RDT said.

Rick: I initially read the title as “This Is Conga”, and couldn’t stop thinking it was going to be a movie about a conga contest set in some unlikely island hamlet near Scotland. Also, too many docs.

Jen: Even I agree, what everyone else said.

The Leakers

Loren: This looks like an extremely 90s cop thriller but it’s set in modern day Malaysia. The only way I’ll end up seeing this is if Rick screens it for some sort of obscure Asian Cop Drama movie night. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

RDT: Also what Loren said.

The Lady™: Can this please get a different name? I’m actually really into this, but I can’t get past how many obscenely gross images the title conjures.

Rick: That title needs work. I’d have gone with “Exposure” or something like that. Regardless, it looks like a solid thriller. I’ll keep it on my radar.

Jen: Meh.

The Domestics

Loren: I don’t know, I think I was really into that. It’s like the serious/action version of my friend’s movie: Diani and Devine Meet The Apocalypse. I’m going to hope that this is decent, but even if it’s bad I’ll probably give it a whirl.

RDT: It doesn’t look terrible. I guess. **shrugs**

The Lady™: Generic run of the mill post-apocalyptic faction movie is super generic. Nothing’s standing out for me. I have my pick of literally hundreds of the same movie.

Rick: So, it’s a Mad Max-ed version of The Road? Meh.

Jen: More meh.

The Cakemaker

Loren: I don’t know, for all the talk about how there are a bunch of twists in this movie, the trailer certainly seemed to give them all away. Thanks I guess, now I don’t have to watch this one.

RDT: I’ll wait for the remake. Also, now I want cake.

The Lady™: I agree with Loren. Watching the trailer, I pretty much watched the whole film. So…cool?

Rick: Yeah, not much left to the imagination with that trailer. I’m with RDT. I want me some cake.

Jen: That was a good trailer thanks for saving me the 90 minutes of sitting through the whole movie.

Summer of ‘67

Loren: If you’re gonna do a period piece, you need a bigger budget. Also your color correction shouldn’t look like bad home video. Why do so many low budget movies skimp out on color correction? Also better actors. Yeah, this movie just looks bad.

RDT: Loren’s on a streak this week. What he said.

The Lady™: That’s what you get when you spend the whole budget at Free People. Period inspired clothing isn’t equal to actual period costumes! Harumph! Grumble grumble.

Rick: Pffft! Nope.

Jen: I’m glad to see the college kids are getting better budgets for their student films nowadays.


Loren: Is this supposed to be a comedy?

RDT: Sigh….

The Lady™: Gonna assume I’m alone in this, I really want to check it out. The colors are stunning, and something about the main character kinda grabbed me.

Rick: I…I…no.

Jen: I don’t get Indian cinema, I wish I did though.

Love, Cecil

Loren: Interesting and I love the way it was shot/composed. I have a feeling I’ll never get around to this but it certainly doesn’t look bad.

RDT: Not for me.

The Lady™: I’ve never heard of him, and suddenly I’m desperate to know more. Well done trailer! You’ve got my money for sure.

Rick: I’m far more interested in the art than the artist in this case. I’d rather attend an exhibit of his work.

Jen: For me! For me! Count me in!

Ideal Home

Loren: I like funny indie Paul Rudd and also Steve Coogan, but I don’t know. Does this look good? Oh, I’m supposed to tell you guys? That’s how this whole column works? Huh.

RDT: Hey! It’s Limitless! Anyway, I like Rudd and whatever about Steve Coogan. It feels more like a tv show than a movie. Pass….?

The Lady™: They’re supposed to be a couple? Ooph. Total lack of chemistry aside, I really enjoy the premise, and the cast. I’ll give it a whirl someday.

Rick: I love me some Paul Rudd (he was pretty much the only good thing about Mute), but I doubt I’ll ever get around to this.

Jen: Sure. Looks fine. By the numbers but I did chuckle so… shrug emoji?


Loren: And people think I’m joking about my fear of the robot uprising. But, yeah, this looks pretty terrible.

RDT: I’m gonna go with either “Wasn’t this already an episode of Black Mirror?” or “Hey, maybe when the robots finally take over they’ll make better movies about robots taking over?”

The Lady™: SYFY Films? I’m out.

Rick: Ugh. I checked out about a minute into that trailer. Hard pass.

Jen: Wait so drones might someday kill people? Wait, they already do? F-u technology.

Dark River

Loren: Now THAT is some dramatic sheep herding. Also, does Ruth Wilson always play someone named Alice?

RDT: Didn’t do a thing for me. Sorry…..

The Lady™: I can’t understand a word they’re saying. Not dissimilar to the time I had to turn on subtitles watching The VVitch.

Rick: Ruth Wilson is always excellent. She’s one of my favorite things about Luther, but I don’t think I care about this story.

Jen: Those accents, man. That’s something. Other than that, no feelings on this.


Loren: Say what now? Like, I feel like I’m supposed to care who wins this custody battle but I kinda super don’t.

RDT: **shrugs**

The Lady™: **more shrug**

Rick: **also shrug**

Jen: I feel like, as a parent, this should stir something in me, but it just doesn’t. Maybe I need to see the whole thing to really get it.

Black Water

Loren: Hahahahaha! I’m for sure going to see this at some point. Maybe this one will make some “Old Guys Still Got It?” action movie night at the Whitsett Theater.

RDT: For a Jean-Claude Van Damme/Dolph Lundgren movie, that doesn’t look half bad. Doesn’t look half good either. We’ll see. But probably not.

The Lady™: Remember when action movies used to be good? So do they! This isn’t going to be, but they’re sure gonna throw in a lot of references to movies that were.

Rick: I like Loren’s pitch for a movie night. If this is at all decent it’ll make the shortlist.

Jen: Oh yes, please. This looks crazy but awesome.

Animal World

Loren: Uh… I mean… Was it…Yes? Yes. I think yes.

RDT: What. The. Fuck.

The Lady™: Sure, why not. I’m down for a Spawn/Deadpool mash-up starring a clown. What could go wrong?

Rick: Oh, you’re goddamn right I’m gonna watch that.

Jen: Long awaiting sequel to The Game, maybe? I got nothing, but this looks batshit awesome.



W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro

Loren: You guys know I love stand-up and this looks really funny. I know nothing about W. Kamau Bell, but that might make this even better. In.

RDT: I’ll give it at least 10 minutes.

The Lady™: 

Rick: Maybe? I have so much stuff in the queue that I rarely reach for stand-up.

Jen: Yes, please – I love W. Kamau Bell!

Glow Season 2

Loren: I absolutely loved season 1 so season 2 is a foregone conclusion.

RDT: I will likely be binge-ing this this weekend.


Rick: Yassssss!

Jen: Really need to go back and watch season 1 so I can get in on this.

Recovery Boys

Loren: Damn, Netflix makes compelling looking docs. Into the queue it goes.

RDT: Too many docs.

The Lady™: Although I truly hope they find stability in recovery and better versions of themselves, this one’s just not for me.

Rick: I’m with RDT on this one.

Jen: Yep. Added to the list.


Loren: Meh, torture porn Ex Machina doesn’t look like it’s for me.

RDT: Black Mirror comment.

The Lady™: I watched this trailer the other day, decided I like the main actress, and have absolutely no interest in ever seeing this.

Rick: So, it’s Saw by way of 1977’s Demon Seed. It’s in my wheelhouse. I’ll probably throw this on one night when I can’t find anything on Shudder that floats my horror boat.

Jen: Man, the future sucks you guys.


Big Brother Season 20

Loren: I think Big Brother is the only reality show that I’m still watching. It helps that I used to work on it and have friends that still do but damn, that’s kinda crazy. It’s kinda our summer thing. Let’s hope for a more interesting cast than the last few years.

RDT: I checked out on this show, oh, a decade ago. But if you like it, go for it.

The Lady™:  

Rick: Negatory.

Jen: Every year I end up seeing maybe one or two episodes and then following the re-caps online, I don’t anticipate any difference in that this year.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, The Lady™, Rick, and Jen

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