Episode #126 – Nick’s on a Motorcycle! and Other Stories

The guys are here once again to cover all your pop culture news needs for the week that was. They’re talking stories like:

  • Frontrunners for Goose, Jr. in Top Gun 2
  • Jumanji 3 confirmed for December 13, 2019
  • Indy 5 delayed
  • Poster for Glass
  • Jim Carrey to play Dr. Robotnik in live action Sonic The Hedgehog movie
  • Greta Gerwig directing all-star Little Women remake
  • Naomi Scott rumored to be 3rd angel in Charlie’s Angels reboot
  • Champions and Ghosted officially cancelled
  • Showtime picks up HALO series
  • Watchmen casting
  • LA’s Finest picked up by Charter Communications
  • Could Rian Johnson’s SW trilogy kickoff sooner than expected?
  • DC Universe to launch this fall, with a beta available in August
  • Jared Leto to play Morbius the Living Vampire in one of Sony’s dumb spinoff movies
  • Kevin Feige confirms plans for Dr. Strange 2

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents!

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One thought on “Episode #126 – Nick’s on a Motorcycle! and Other Stories

  1. -You make Indiana Jones like a 60s spy thriller. Something between Hitchcock (The Man Who Knew Too Much/North By Northwest) and James Bond.

    -I actively dislike Unbreakable. I liked Split, but weaving it into this Unbreakable-verse thing felt forced and took a bit of the shine off that movie for me.

    -The Running Man was an old Tri-Star movie, but I think the rights landed at Lionsgate. They handled home video for it for a long time. Not sure it’s still theirs.

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