Episode #127 – Parabellum

We’re back this week talking, oh, umm, pop culture!

  • The Gosling in Top Gun 2 has been cast, sadly.
  • John Wick: Chapter 3 will not be called John Wick: Chapter 3
  • Shaw gets a sister, and Hobbs and Shaw get a villain.
  • The 80’s are back again, again!, with remakes of Child’s Play and Firestarter in development.
  • Timeless has run out of…..chances.
  • Titans will be dark and Crazy Jane will be….crazy.
  • Alien tv show won’t feature actual aliens.
  • Star Wars Episode IX: Felicity Reference
  • Is Zack Snyder putting together his own Snyder Cut to Justice League? Probably not.
  • Birds of Prey, or some other DCEU lady movie, starts shooting in January?
  • Nicolas Cage is…..Spider-Man…..(Noir)
  • Capt. Marvel has wrapped, for now.
  • Avengers 4 title revealed? Maybe?
  • All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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One thought on “Episode #127 – Parabellum

  1. Bill Hader is a good choice as the new voice of Chucky. I have a couple of ideas:

    Awesome, but won’t happen – Michael Keaton, Mark Hamill

    More likely – Curtis Armstrong, Sid Haig, Charlie Day, Bill Mosley, Robert Englund

    A little outside the box – Mark Duplass

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