Weekend Watch – 07/27/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Loren: I’m sorry that looks awesome. The Mission: Impossible movies are by and large pretty good. 1 still holds up, 2 and 3 are not great, but the new trilogy has so far been a lot of fun. Early word on this is it’s excellent. I’m very excited.

RDT: I like 3! Only 2 is complete garbage to me. And I think this looks awesome.

The Lady™: MUSTACHE!!!! (Also, even though it’s completely outside my wheelhouse, I’m still suuuuuuper excited for it.)

Rick: *me heading to the theater to see this* 

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Loren: Damnit. I don’t really like Teen Titans Go’s humor but I laughed at some of the stuff from that trailer. I’m not going to see this in the theater but I’ll watch it eventually. Plus anything to wash that Titans trailer from my mind.

RDT: I’ve never seen, or had any interest in, the show. Which is a little off for me, given the DC nerd that I am. Oh well….

The Lady™: I worked at a restaurant where for some god forsaken reason all the TVs were permanently on Cartoon Network. I’ve now seen almost every episode of Teen Titans Go! on mute. Maybe I’ll watch this on mute if I’m ever feeling nostalgic for the “weird old days.”

Rick: There are not a lot of animated shows I actively dislike, but this one is at the top of the list. WB took a high quality, well written Teen Titans series and dumped it in favor of this obnoxious garbage. The hardest of passes.

The Row

Loren: Don’t worry everybody, Randy Couture is on the case. Yikes. Even for this slasher sub genre, this looks bad.

RDT: I’m all set, thanks!

The Lady™: 

Rick: Looks like most every killer on college campus slasher movie where the final girl needs to find out the school’s buried secret. I’d be fine with that if it didn’t look like a barely ready for cable thriller.

Limited Release

The Captain

Loren: An interesting story to tell but I will have a hard time with the whole Nazi thing.

RDT: No thank you.

The Lady™: WWII was a horror movie, so putting a psychologically damaging horror story in the middle of it doesn’t seem that far of a reach for me. I’m pretty tempted to traumatize myself attempting to watch this.

Rick: That looks kind of interesting. I’ll keep it on my radar.

Sergio & Sergei

Loren: That actually looks pretty good. It’s nice to see Ron Perlman playing a nice guy again. Hopefully it stays on my radar.

RDT: I watched the whole trailer, even though there was reading!

The Lady™: This is going to make me cry, isn’t it? Like, giant, happy, there are still good people in the world and now they’re all friends, tears? Ok fine.

Rick: I think I’d rather read an article about this story than see the movie.

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

Loren: I think the gossip aspect is going to pull people in but hopefully they’ll stick around for the rest of the story.

RDT: Too many docs.

The Lady™: The first half of the trailer made him seem like a pimp, the second half like a progressive saint. I don’t get it.

Rick: *See my entry for Sergio & Sergei.



Loren: Sorry Kelly MacDonald this gets a resounding “meh” from me.

RDT: What Rick said, but I still may check it out anyway.

The Lady™: Anyone notice that this is rated R? I have a sneaking suspicion there’s more to this movie than the trailer lets on. I’ll definitely be watching to find out.

Rick: Good work on the trailer’s part for telling me everything that happens in the movie. That’s two hours I don’t need to devote to this story.



Loren: That’s a lot of people that had gambling debts. I’m assuming that’s why they are in this College Thesis movie.

RDT: Holy shit….. that looks terrible.

The Lady™: Mischa Barton’s alive??!! (skip to 1:46 for proof)

Rick: So many boat payments were made with the salaries collected on this movie.

Our House

Loren: AKA Shitty Poltergeist starring people you might have seen in other stuff… maybe.

RDT: I’m good.

The Lady™: Got too scared to finish the trailer. PASS.

Rick: I mean, the conceit isn’t terrible, but it just doesn’t look like they’ve done anything interesting with it. Pass.


Loren: Sorry Junga there’s only one super spy for me this week.

RDT: What Loren said.

The Lady™: The audio sync on that trailer was so off! Also, hard no.

Rick: I don’t know that I’ll ever get into Indian films, but I appreciate all the style they inject into them, no matter the genre.

Hot Summer Nights

Loren: Hmmm. I almost wanted this to be just a clichéd “coming of age” story and not a “low level dealers get in over their head” story. But A24 hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

RDT: I think I liked that trailer a little more than my cohorts. And the fact that it’s A24 will keep this on my radar.

The Lady™: Half of me is really into it, and half of me thinks I’m “getting too old for this shit.” Let’s call it a draw, and wait until it hits streaming.

Rick: I really like this cast, but I feel like this is one young drug dealer movie cliche after another. Meh.

Good Manners


RDT: Meh.

The Lady™: It’s a zombie baby, right? Unless I hear there’s a spectacular twist, I’ll just Wiki it.

Rick: Is…Is this a horror movie? Even if it is, I’m not inclined to find out.

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

Loren: I haven’t seen any of the other Detective Dee movies but they are on my list. I’ll add this appropriately.

RDT: I’ve never heard of Detective Dee.

The Lady™: False advertising. I saw not a single detective.

Rick: What Loren said.

Dead Night

Loren: That’s a pretty well made trailer for what can’t possibly be a good movie.

RDT: At least it’s not zombies…..

The Lady™: It’s nice of them to make a live action version of the video game Until Dawn. I never finished playing, and had wondered how it ended.

Rick: The only reason I’m mildly interested in this is because of Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond). Otherwise it kind of feels like a riff on Pumpkinhead.


14 Cameras

Loren: And people wonder why I think AirBnB is so creepy. Without a doubt people are live streaming you in their house.

RDT: Looks fairly run-of-the-mill. Pass.

The Lady™: …ZzzzzZzzzzzzz…

Rick: Hey! I remember this movie when it came out eleven years ago and was called Vacancy.



Iliza: Elder Millennial

Loren: I enjoy Iliza’s work. If it’s as good as War Paint or Freezing Hot we’ll be doing ok.

RDT: I’m not a huge Iliza fan, but I’ll give it a shot.

The Lady™: I wouldn’t say I’ve repeatedly watched *everything* she’s done…but, who am I kidding? Yes I have.

Rick: I don’t know that I could have picked Iliza Schlesinger out of a lineup before I watched this trailer. This might make good background while I’m puttering around the house.

Orange is the New Black Season 6

Loren: I don’t watch this show. Prisons freak me out.

RDT: I’m like 3 seasons behind. Not sure I’ll ever get caught up.

The Lady™: Same as RDT, I didn’t even finish season 3.

Rick: Yasssssss!

The Bleeding Edge

Loren: I don’t know if I can watch this one, it hits a little close to home. Something like this happened to my Grandmother before she passed.  A bolt that was holding one of her vertebrae together broke and the doctors didn’t notice it, even when she complained of pain. It was horrible for her. And man, these guys are like the hardware version of those pharma douches. I think it’s a pass from me.

RDT: Yeah, this is a little too real for me.

The Lady™: I’m one of those people that won’t even take an advil unless I know a very specific and understandable cause for exactly what ales me. I want to watch this, and am just genuinely too terrified to do so.

Rick: I’m fascinated by medical science, and I’m 100% behind the idea of using advanced tech to help heal people. In some alternate timeline I’m certain I’d have been a doctor. However, I’m not blind to the greed of many of the corporations that market the latest and greatest in this field. Not everyone is altruistic, and it makes me sad.



Castle Rock

Loren: Yes please. I’ve been excited for this since they announced it. I’m a little sad it’s not an anthology series but it looks pretty great.

RDT: Already watched the first episode. I’m in.

The Lady™: Based on the cast alone, I’d be totally sold. The fact this happens to look really good is just a bonus.

Rick: Stephen King was the first author I ever picked up on my own. I’ve read nearly everything he’s written. Yet, I have absolutely zero interest in this series.


Jeff Lynne’s ELO: Wembley or Bust

Loren: This could be interesting or really fucking boring. I’m not a big enough ELO fan to find out.

RDT: I don’t have Showtime, or any interest in ELO.

The Lady™: I wish I knew more about ELO. I think I’d be really into this if I did.

Rick: I can’t say I’m super into ELO, so I’m out.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, The Lady™, and Rick

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