Weekend Watch – 8/10/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Meg

Loren: Fine whatever, but how come it keeps changing size? Sometimes it’s a really big shark and sometimes it’s the size of like 3 submarines. Make up your mind.

RDT: This movie looks absolutely ridiculous. In.

Rick: If Statham doesn’t punch a shark I’m going to be disappointed.

Jen: Meg Griffin gif

Slender Man

Loren: We’ve gotten to the point where they make movies about Creepy Pasta. See ya later world, I’m out.

RDT: Wow. If Rick’s not into it, I sure as hell ain’t gonna watch it.

Rick: Snore. I’m with Jen on this one.

Jen: Meh. I’d rather re-watch Beware the Slenderman, the HBO doc. It is far creepier.


Loren: Oh yes. This looks fantastic, and I’m not usually a Spike Lee guy.

RDT: People are saying this could be Spike Lee’s best film ever. So, yeah, in (eventually).

Rick: Early reviews are putting this on par with Do the Right Thing. Absolutely in.

Jen: Yep, the pedigree is strong, the politics are relevant, and I laughed. In.


Dog Days

Loren: Is this supposed to be like New Years Eve but for dogs? I mean dogs are super cute and all but I don’t think I’d waste my time on this movie. I’d rather just go to @dog_rates instead.

RDT: Well doesn’t this just look like a terrible movie. Yes it does! Yes it does!

Rick: Look, I love dogs as much as the next person, but this might be the most generic movie to ever movie. Pass.

Jen: Did Garry Marshall come back from the dead to direct one more movie? (Damn, Jen, that’s cold…. –RDT)

Limited Release

Madeline’s Madeline

Loren: I hope the movie is just 90min of that trailer. The song. The cat mask. All of it.

RDT: What. the. Fuck.

Rick: I have no idea what’s going on here, but I absolutely need to see this movie. Also, this trailer deserves all the Golden Trailer Awards.

Jen: Steve Harvey Wtf GIF

Skate Kitchen

Loren: I dig it. I was a (terrible) skater when I was a kid, it’s nice to see that at least some things have stayed the same.

RDT: I am intrigued, despite Jaden Smith’s presence. I’ll keep it on my radar.

Rick: Looks like the skater version of Larry Clark’s Kids. I’m okay with this.

Jen: I always love a female coming-of-age movie. I like that this is very verite and shot with the real skateboard crew and not actors (except, weirdly, Jaden Smith) so I’ll try to give this a watch when it streams.

A Prayer Before Dawn

Loren: I’m not a big boxing movie guy and prison stuff makes me pretty uncomfortable. I might be out on this one.

RDT: I’m a sucker for a good boxing movie. And this looks like that. In.

Rick: Didn’t even need to watch the whole trailer. 100% in.

Jen: Wow, that looks like it could be great but it’s too much for this delicate flower.


Loren: I look forward to a screening of this and Elite Squad at the Whitsett Theater.

RDT: This one’s not for me. Pass.

Rick: I’m both fascinated and terrified of the Philippines. I’ll keep this on my radar.

Jen: I was about to make some crack about “another drug deal gone wrong” movie, but there’s a lot more to it. Considering that it is government policy to kill drug dealers in The Philippines this movie could have a lot to tell us as well as being a claustrophobic action thriller.




Loren: Now knowing that this is a dark comedy dripping with satire makes me more intrigued but I don’t know that it’ll be enough to bring me in. We’ll see.

RDT: So the creators/cast said the trailer wasn’t a proper representation of the show. That it’s not fat shaming and they hope to bring light to the issue through satire. I’ve read at least 2-3 reviews that wildly contradict that. That being said, as a fatty, I’m intrigued. Let me catch up on some other Netflix shows then I’ll check it out.

Rick: The Internets had a collective fit about this show’s subject matter based on its first trailer. I’m with the actual creator of the show on this one. It’s satire based on her own experiences. The Internets need to calm the hell down. Maybe let the show debut and see if your perception is accurate.

Jen: That took a turn toward the dark and I like it. This feels like a modern Heathers and I am here for it.


Ballers, season 4

Loren: I haven’t seen more than what they’ve put out there in the trailers. I’m ok with that. Why start now, you know?

RDT: Love The Rock, but this never seemed like anything more than sports Entourage. I don’t like sports and Entourage was awful. So, yeah, I’ve been out from the start. Sorry, Dwayne.

Rick: I love me some Dwayne Johnson, but I can’t bring myself to watch this show.

Jen: I have had a massive crush on Rob Corddry for a very long time. I saw him at Marie et Cie once and turned into a 13 year-old girl. Also The Rock. I feel like I can’t go wrong with this show but somehow haven’t seen a single episode yet. I think I just talked myself into starting it.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, RDT, Rick, and Jen

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