Episode #132 – Just A Couple Of Sleepy Guys

The guys are back once again to fill you in on the week’s pop culture news. They just happen to be a little tired. This week they’re talking stories like:

  • Academy creates new “Popular Film” category, shortens show
  • The Chris’ walk away from 4th Star Trek
  • Cowboy Ninja Viking on hold
  • Bruce Willis signs onto MoviePass’s next movie
  • Ben Schwartz is Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Kingsman 3 details
  • A ‘Simpsons Movie’ Sequel And ‘Family Guy’ Film Are Reportedly In Development
  • First pic of live action Dora the Explorer
  • ABC planning more Marvel series, but they won’t tell us what they are
  • Ruby Rose cast as Arrowverse Batwoman
  • New Flash suit revealed officially
  • Halo tv show details
  • The Player is coming back as a tv series
  • Cyborg cast for Doom Patrol
  • Paul Rudd heading to Netflix
  • Star Wars tv show reported to have a $100 million budget for all 10 episodes
  • Disney/Lucasfilm considering splitting Ep IX into 2 parts
  • No JL cameos in Aquaman
  • Joker starts shooting next month
  • Supergirl movie in development?
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home adds Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson
  • James Gunn updates
  • Dark Phoenix scheduled for 3 months of reshoots or maybe 2 ½ weeks
  • Sony cutting Venom to be PG-13, and Silver & Black will be redeveloped as separate films

All that, the usual tangents, and of course the Weekly Watched!

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